Testimonials: Shoulder - Rotator Cuff Repair

Cynthia Belle Petersen – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery


I want all to know what a fantastic doctor Dr. Martin Coleman is. Recently, Dr. Coleman repaired my torn rotator cuff with wonderful results. Before the surgery and during my recovery, Dr. Coleman talked to me so that I could understand, listened to my questions, allayed my fears, and was super encouraging as I recovered.

In this hurried world in which we live, it is so nice to have a busy professional take the time that you need with you. I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Coleman, and I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Coleman!

With Gratitude,
Cynthia Belle (C.B.) Petersen

Nancy Sandford – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

In 1999, at the age of 60, I tore a tendon in my rotator cuff while playing tennis. My children knew and recommended Dr. Haynes. I was pleased with my visit and explanation concerning the need for a repair of the tendon. Surgery resulted with a fairly long rehab period that I followed carefully.

Today, 16 years later, I play tennis regularly, am active generally, and have fully recovered, free of pain for this extended time. I am grateful for the effective and caring attention Dr. Haynes has always extended. His skill and expertise has been tested and found to be superior.

Nancy Sandford

Glenda Adamowski – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery


My name is Glenda Adamowski. I have been a patient of Dr. Boyd Haynes for many years. I have always had good experiences when I visit he or other doctors there.

In 2011, Dr. Haynes performed rotator cuff surgery on me. The surgery was tough, but I received awesome care by Dr. Haynes and his staff. To this day, I cannot even tell that I have ever had anything done to my arm. I never expected this. It is all due to the excellent knowledge of Dr. Haynes and the awesome surgeon that he is. I would recommend him to anyone.

Erika Mitchell – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

Dr. Boyd Haynes performed rotator cuff surgery on the 15th of January 2015, in order to repair a 2 x 2 cm tear and while repairing the tendon, also removed bone spurs that had formed in the shoulder. The surgery was performed on an outpatient basis. I had been told by other patients that it was a very painful surgery and that the recovery would be some six months or more. One individual actually said that it was more painful and a longer recovery than that of their open heart surgery. I didn’t find it that painful. I stopped taking the pain medication after the third day. I wore the arm sling for the first two weeks religiously to preclude any unintentional strain on the shoulder. I had five weeks of physical therapy and continued some exercises at home after that. I found the therapy to be extremely beneficial!

I have now resumed all regular activity, to include working in the garden, unloading and spreading seven yards of mulch and even digging a hole for a bird feeder post and cementing it in the ground. I believe that I am fully-whole again. I only have one limitation that I am still working on and that is the range of motion up the middle of my back. Thanks to Dr. Haynes, I am now completely free of pain and able to lift and do all of the things I used to do before I fell and tore my rotator cuff.

Thomas Shelton – Shoulder (Rotator Cuff & Frozen Shoulder)

Patient of Dr. Boyd Haynes
Surgery in December 2013

I had pain in my right shoulder for decades as a result of playing sports in my youth. Over the past few years, it became progressively worse, and I sought out Dr. Haynes, as he was highly recommended by several people.

I had surgery on my right shoulder for a completely severed rotator cuff and also for “frozen shoulder syndrome” which resulted from a lack of use.

I can say that after surgery, I am now completely pain-free, and my only regret is “why I didn’t do it sooner?” I highly recommend Dr. Haynes and the staff at Orthopaedic & Spine Center.

Julia Porterfield – Carpal Tunnel and Rotator Cuff (Shoulder) Surgery

A few years ago, my family doctor sent me to Dr. Haynes for carpal tunnel syndrome. I had surgery and had no problems. Therefore, after a few months when my shoulder was hurting, I went back to see Dr. Haynes. An MRI revealed a torn rotator cuff. We started with shots, but when they no longer worked, I chose to have surgery. Dr. Haynes explained what would happen during surgery. On the day of surgery, he reassured me that everything would be fine and it was. There were no complications. The only difficult thing was learning to do things with my left hand (I am right-handed) while my arm was in a sling for three weeks. After three weeks, I began physical therapy. It was hard at first, but the staff encouraged me to keep working on all the exercises and it wasn’t long before I was able to move my arm without difficulty. I would highly recommend Dr. Haynes and the entire staff at OSC.

Elizabeth S. Ambrose – Spinal Fusion & Rotator Cuff Surgeries, Epidural Spine Injections

My name is Elizabeth S. Ambrose. I am 77 years old. I resided in Yorktown, VA until March, 2014, and now live in Simpsonville, SC. My physicians at Orthopaedic & Spine Center are Drs. Haynes, Sureja, and McFarland.

Dr. Haynes treated me for rotator cuff surgery, which was very successful. Dr. Haynes referred me to Dr. Sureja who treated me with injections for 5 years. Dr. Sureja performed these injections with skill, care, and compassion. When he decided that he had gone as far as he could, he recommended Dr. McFarland, who fused my neck vertebrae. This operation was successful, but injections are still needed at least once a year. Dr. Sureja has continued to give me injections as needed with excellent results.

All three of these physicians receive my highest recommendations.

Very Truly Yours,
Elizabeth S. Ambrose