Testimonials: Shoulder - Non Surgical

Ivy Lee – Orthopaedic Care and Physical Therapy for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Dr. Jamie SwaleI would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the phenomenal services of my Physical Therapist, Dr. Jaime Swale. She is the absolute best. I am a 70-year-old female that was suffering from a frozen left shoulder. My upper arm was immobile. She was extremely competent and professional and had me immediately performing exercises that I felt were far beyond my abilities. She was personable, readily listened and responded to my concerns, and adapted her plan to my needs. She and her assistant Joy are the Dynamic Duo.

Thank you so much for pushing me to my limits and helping me to progress smoothly. I sing your praises to my friends and family.





Thank you, Dr. John Burrow, for your thorough follow-up and services for my initial complaint of pain and stiffness in my left shoulder and upper arm. OSC provides you with wonderful services from knowledgeable, experienced, and above all, caring professionals!!

Ivy Lee

Michael Grignano – Physical Therapy for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Cody Leeworthy, DPT

Cody Leeworthy, DPT

After seeing Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and getting an epidural shot to relive pain in my neck and shoulders, he set me up for 6 weeks of Physical Therapy with Cody Leeworthy, DPT and Josh Hancock, PTA along with some fantastic assistants. The more I did the exercises, the more relief I get. Everyone set me up for success and I want to thank all of you for the complete professionalism and courtesy I saw on each trip there. The care I have received, from seeing Dr. Carlson, to Dr. Raj Sureja, then over to PT, has been remarkable!!

Michael Grignano

Elizabeth McLane – Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Image of Dr. Jamie SwaleDr. Jamie Swale and her assistant, Jonathan Lorusso, were very professional and thorough in their therapy and instruction. I saw them over a six week period and my shoulder pain and flexibility is much improved.

Elizabeth McLane

Richard Tamashiro-Costa – Physical Therapy After Motorcycle Accident

At 61 years young, I survived a motorcycle accident in which I broke 9 ribs in multiple places as well as my collar bone and shoulder blade. I was healing well, but had limited use of my right arm. This was very depressing as I thought I would never be able to ride again, play a round of golf or do many of the things I had been enjoying for years.

I came to OSC Physical Therapy to try to get the range of motion and strength back in my shoulder, so that I could resume my exercise regimen and get back on a motorcycle. As I was anxious to start my physical therapy, I was very impressed that they were able to schedule my evaluation appointment within two days of my initial call, and my first physical therapy appointment a few days later.

In the 8 weeks that followed, I worked with DPT Jamie Swale, PTA Heather Cole and techs Corey and Zach twice a week. After the first few sessions working with them and doing the stretches and exercises they prescribed, I could tell that, with hard work, I would be very close to regaining full use of my arm.

I “graduated” and they sent me home with a list of exercises to continue my progress. I will be forever grateful for the care and the motivation that Jamie, Heather, Corey and Zach gave me which, not only helped me get through the sometimes painful workouts, but also got me back on a motorcycle again.

If you or anyone you know needs physical therapy, I wholeheartedly recommend OSC. The quality of the facility and equipment is five star and the staff is AMAZING!!

Richard Tamashiro-Costa

Buddy DeRyder – Non-surgical Treatment for a Torn Biceps Muscle & Rotator Cuff

Dr. Boyd Haynes’ mantra is “that orthopedic surgery to repair an injury is not always the first and necessary solution”.  And that was the case for me.

As an active 81 year-old sailor, I tore my right biceps muscle hauling in a sail. I have been an OSC patient for about 40 years, so I looked on the OSC website and saw Dr. Haynes treated biceps muscles. His first diagnosis was not pleasing, as an in office MRI also showed a tear in the right shoulder rotator cuff. I had rotator cuff surgery on that shoulder 20 years ago and, no doubt, Dr. Haynes saw the immediate fear in my eyes at the unwelcome news!

Being familiar with this type of injury, in a very relaxed manner, Dr Haynes explained options, other than surgery, that could be considered. He prescribed an initial physical therapy session to develop range of motion and slowly exercise the muscles involved with the bicep and shoulder. After promise was shown with the initial learned exercise set, a second exercise set was undertaken for two months to build up muscle strength.

At the office examination after that second session, I was able to pass his strength tests and he proclaimed the welcome news that it looked like surgery was not necessary. YEAH! Dr Haynes suggested to continue those exercise which I perform at a local YMCA to maintain and perhaps slowly build muscle strength….. with a healthy diet of course. That’s also his mantra!

I am extremely appreciative of the attention and assurance of both Dr. Haynes and his physician assistant, Chris Schwizer, over the course of my slowly improving rehabilitation process.