Testimonials: Shoulder Replacement

Sheridan(“Butch”) Barringer – Post Surgical Physical Therapy for Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Image of Tom Toothaker, DPTI just completed rehab for my right shoulder reverse replacement surgery. Dr. Martin Coleman of Orthopaedic and Spine Center (OSC) in Newport News was my surgeon.

I did my physical therapy at OSC under Dr. Tom Toothaker. Dr. Toothaker designed a therapy program for me and monitored it closely, often leading me through the entire session himself. He and the entire staff were very supportive in helping me achieve goals. The PT assistants and others made sure I followed the regimented program at every session. The folks at OSC PT are professional, very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring people, who had my full confidence. Besides Dr. Toothaker, I was ably assisted by Rachael, “J,” Victoria, Zach. Max, Audrey, and Josh. I can whole-heartedly recommend these terrific folks for anyone needing any kind of physical therapy. In fact, I have just started therapy for improving my balance, which has affected me for years following a bad fall.

Sheridan (Butch) R. Barringer
Newport News, Va. 

Sheridan (“Butch”) Barringer – Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

I just completed rehab for my right shoulder reverse replacement surgery. Dr. Martin Coleman of Orthopaedic and Spine Center (OSC) in Newport News was my surgeon. He performed a very successful surgery with very little follow-on pain. Prior to the surgery, I was in constant pain with any movement of my right arm.

Sheridan (Butch) R. Barringer
Newport News, Va.

Ollie Tucker – Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Because of severe osteoarthritis, I was due to have shoulder replacement in 2015; however, I had to have another operation. I kept delaying having my shoulder done as long as I could.

Dr. Martin Coleman performed total shoulder replacement on April 14, 2017. It is now almost 8 weeks later and I really wish I had it done earlier. Dr. Coleman and his staff did a fantastic job.

With 4 weeks of Physical Therapy, I can now raise my arm up, extend to the side, comb my hair, etc. (almost full mobility). Thank you, Dr. Coleman. I now have two functioning arms, instead of one and a half (smile).

Ollie Tucker 

Nancy Walls – Reverse Shoulder Replacement

I started with steroid injections, with a sports medicine doctor, and physical therapy exercises at home 16 years ago for my right shoulder pain.

In the fall of 2016, I made an appointment with Dr. Boyd Haynes, with whom I had worked at RRMC PACU and who had performed carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery on me. My shoulder had gotten worse with decreased range of motion and pain limiting some of my activities. He stated that neither he nor I would be satisfied with him doing a rotator cuff repair, as I had a large tear. He referred me to Dr. Martin Coleman. I went to OSC PT at that time.

I returned to Dr. Coleman in Feb. 2017, when I was ready for surgery. He did a reverse shoulder replacement on February 28. I was home and out of the sling two days later.

Both Dr. Haynes and Dr. Coleman are friendly, professional and caring doctors. I highly recommend them.

Nancy Walls

Deborah Pack – Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Martin Coleman is an excellent surgeon. He recently replaced my shoulder with a reverse shoulder replacement. My range of motion is better than my previous replacement. The pain before the surgery was bad, but since the surgery it’s much improved. Dr. Coleman always spends time with me answering all my questions and praising my progress in physical therapy. I trust Dr. Coleman and his excellent staff.

Deborah Pack

Pat Marchant – Reverse Shoulder Replacement, Rotator Cuff and Bicep Repair Surgery

IMG_4570Dr. Coleman has done surgery on both of my shoulders. I had a reverse shoulder replacement in 2014 on the right, then Rotator Cuff and Bicep tear repairs the end of October 2016 on the left.

He is wonderful. I followed his pre and post – op instructions as well as possible and I’ve had no problems with either surgery.
The staff is always pleasant and the office is run like a well-oiled machine.

The office is always clean and nicely decorated. It houses it’s own X-ray department and MRI, so they pull your x-rays up right then and there.

They offer monthly lectures that are open to the public on orthopedic issues. The doctor that specializes in the particular topic will do the lecture. Dr. Coleman specializes in shoulders, so he does the shoulder topics.

I am so glad I found this practice. Since we retired here, this is where we will go for any orthopedic problems.

Pat Marchant

William C. Trollinger, Jr. – Reverse Shoulder Replacement



I’m 73 years old and, after 28 yrs. as a firefighter/ part time contractor, my right shoulder had spurs and was bone to bone. There was constant pain and I was not able to lift my arm above my head. I made an appointment with an orthopedic physician. After a MRI, his diagnosis was a shoulder replacement. I was told I would have limited motion, wouldn’t be able to shoot a shot-gun or rifle, may or may not be able to play golf, but I would not have any pain. Not being able to do the activities that I enjoy, I decided not to have the surgery.

Well over a year went by, then just by chance I read an article in the health magazine about Dr. Martin Coleman and the reverse shoulder replacement procedure. I went on-line and read testimonials of complete reverse shoulder replacement surgery and their success. I made an appointment with Dr. Coleman and I was very impressed with his diagnosis that after the surgery and physical therapy, I could do anything I wanted to do. The limit of my success was up to me. He would do his part (surgery), my part was physical therapy.

The operation was performed on June 6, 2016. I started physical therapy on June 20, 2016 at Physiotherapy in Harborview section of Suffolk Va.  After completing my therapy and no pain, I’m ready to start enjoying my hobbies again.

William C. Trollinger, Jr.


Debbie Vaughan – Reverse Shoulder Replacement


When I came to Dr. Coleman, I was experiencing severe pain in my right shoulder. It kept me from sleeping at night and also from carrying out many of my normal daily activities. I am right-handed, but the pain in my shoulder was turning me into a “lefty!” Dr. Coleman took x-rays and found that the joint had degenerated such that I was “bone on bone.”

We tried injections but, unfortunately, that only gave me relief for about 2 weeks. Dr. Coleman had spoken with me about the injections and told me that if they worked we could perhaps put the surgery off. He said that many people experienced long-term relief from them and that we could use them as long as they worked. He also warned that, very often each shot only lasted about half as long as the one before.

When the shot did not really work, we decided that it was time to consider joint replacement. Mine was a reverse replacement because of the condition of my shoulder. I remember the last thing Dr. Coleman said to me before my surgery…”USE THAT ARM!” And so I did. I was back at work in a little over a week, physical therapy was about 3 weeks. I have full range of motion and now, no pain. I am grateful for Dr. Coleman and his staff. They took very good care of me.



Debbie Vaughan

Alonzo Crittenden – Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement


I have an extensive background as a collegiate and professional athlete. At 64 years old, I still compete in triathlons, cycling and swimming events. All of which require utilization of the shoulders. Over 50 years of training and competing, I totally damaged my left shoulder. I was referred to Doctor Coleman as if not one of the best, “the best” shoulder doctor and surgeon in Hampton Roads. I had major concerns about the ability to continue my life-style of training and competing. After several consultations and appointments, and Doctor Coleman’s ability to understand the importance of me continuing training and competing, he highly recommended total reverse shoulder replacement.

On October 18, 2013 the surgery was performed and very successful. Only 10 days after surgery, I cycled 20-miles, after 16 days, I swam 1,000 meters and continued to train for the 2014 season. Swimming requires a tremendous amount of shoulder usage. Over the course of 2014, I swam 131,550 meters and look forward to the 2016 season. Shoulder replacement is an enhancement to your life style, not a disability.

Alonzo “Lonnie” Crittenden

Robert D. Copeland – Shoulder (Rotator Cuff Repair) Surgery & Physical Therapy


I originally had my right shoulder (rotator cuff) operated on by Dr. Haynes eight years ago. Because of the experience the first time, there was no question I wanted him to do my left shoulder when the time came. The surgery went very well and after only a few weeks, I was able to begin physical therapy at OSC. With the exceptional treatment of the entire staff, both the surgical team and the rehab team, every appointment there is improvement. I am very grateful for Dr. Haynes and his entire OSC staff and the recovery process that has resulted from their outstanding work.

Robert D. Copeland