Chris Ozor – Cervical Spinal Fusion Surgery

Image of Chris OzorWhen I told my friends that I will be undergoing a spinal fusion surgery, their first question was “where?”  I responded “OSC (Orthopaedic & Spine Center) at 250 Nat Turner BLVD”.  They would say, “Chris, we hope that you have Dr. Jeffrey Carlson as your surgeon. Carlson is more popular than Ferrarius – the Sicilian.”

From his direct and focused gaze to his soothing voice, you can tell you are in good hands when Dr. Carlson is your physician. The team of doctors who worked on me did a fantastic job, also. I remember Dr. Raj. I could hear his voice calling my name, encouraging me to be strong that it soon shall be over. The nurses at Mary Immaculate were exceptional in their professionalism and love of their job.

The first week after the surgery was the most challenging. My surgery went well, thanks to the skills of Dr. Carlson. My good friend, Patrese Langford, was phenomenal in her care of me. She was full of human kindness. She made sure all my medications were filled and dispensed. She put herself on a four-hour regular Alarm notification to ensure I’ve taken my medicine and lying in bed the right way. Oh my goodness, I can go on and on.

From the bottom of my heart I thank my personal physician, Paul Hiotellis, for referring me to Dr. Carlson. Today I am stronger than I was prior to having the surgery. I’ll recommend any of the mentioned doctors, with Dr. Carlson in front of the line.

Chris Ozor

Jarrod Burke – Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management Program

Image of Jarrod Burke and Dr. Cal RobinsonWhile in my twenties, I had a work injury at the Newport News Shipyard and hurt my lower back.  I’ve tried pretty much every treatment for my back, including two spine surgeries.  I’ve gotten steroid epidural injections at OSC and while they helped, the pain never goes away.  My wife heard about the Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Management Program at OSC, with Dr. Cal Robinson, on the radio and she basically made me attend.

I learned about meditation and breathing in the class and I stuck with it.  Dr. Robinson helped me to understand how Mindfulness works.  About halfway through the class, I realized that by using the techniques he taught, I could bring my pain down from a Level Seven to about a Level Three in just a minute, thirty seconds.  It is incredible that I can do this by focusing my attention on my breath and by breathing deeply.

I was so impressed by the positive effects of Mindfulness on my pain, I continued to study after the class was over.   I wanted to take all of what I had learned and to pay it forward to others.  I now teach Mindfulness, have become a Reiki Master, and teach qi gong, pronounced “Chi kong”, which is a form of walking meditation, and Tai Chi.  I created my own meditation CD, set to music, so that others can purchase or download the meditations from Spotify.  I have started my own business called It’s Your Journey, to help others learn how to positively change their lives for the better through Mindfulness, Meditation and other principles.

This journey of mine started because I learned a better way of dealing with my pain.  I am grateful to Dr. Robinson for giving me the tools I needed to live a better life.

Jarrod Burke





David Kruger – Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery

Image of Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in the ORI was diagnosed with needing an anterior cervical fusion-level 1…Once I met with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, it was determined that surgery was necessary. When I looked into what the surgery would entail, I was extremely nervous about the procedure, being my first surgery ever. I was warned that Dr. Carlson would go in from the front, move my esophagus, and go straight back to the disc in my neck.

When I arrived at Mary Immaculate Hospital, they took me in right away and started pre-op. Dr. Carlson came in, and answered all the questions my wife and I had. I went back into surgery approximately 7:30 AM, and I woke up at approximately 9:00 AM with my neck brace on. I immediately noticed all the pain that I had experienced was now gone.

I was told I would probably need to be on a soft diet for a few days and to expect a sore throat. I experienced none of the side effects of the surgery. When I awoke, a nurse was there and asked if I was hungry. I was starving. They gave me graham crackers and a big cup of Pepsi. I was in the neck brace approximately 12 days.

I cannot overstate how professional Dr. Carlson and his staff are. He had come highly recommended from my primary care provider, on whom Dr. Carlson had performed the same procedure. Any orthopaedic needs I have in the future will surely be done by Dr. Carlson. My recovery was so much better than I ever anticipated. I cannot thank Dr. Carlson and his physician assistant, Tonia, enough. If anyone is preparing to get this surgery done, I highly recommend OSC.

David Kruger

Teresa Sullivan – Rotator Cuff Surgery

My name is Teresa Sullivan. I went to see Dr. Coleman back in October 2017 because my right shoulder hurt just about every time I reached behind me and when I did ordinary things, like buckle my seat belt or get dressed in the morning. The pain wasn’t awful, but consistent.I really liked how Dr. Coleman provided options for treatment and didn’t just “jump to surgery”. After reviewing the X-ray he had ordered, he recommended an injection (can’t recall the medication, but maybe cortisone) and told me that this would most likely provide relief if the cause is inflammation / arthritis. We scheduled a follow up visit for 2 weeks. Well, unfortunately for me, the injection provided no relief whatsoever, so he ordered an MRI to determine more precisely the cause.

He reviewed the MRI with me at my next visit and again, we discussed options. For me, there were really only two ~ Surgery now or down the road. The cause of my pain was due to bone spurs that were tearing the tissue in and around my rotator cuff. He was very thorough in explaining how my decision would impact my day to day living. I decided to move forward with the surgery, which was done mid-December.

Surgery was out patient and I went home from the hospital same day. Dr. Coleman’s follow-up appointments with me were informative and he was very straightforward about the things I needed to do in order to get well. I followed his instructions as thoroughly as possible and am delighted that his advice has proven to be the best. I was discharged from his care mid-March 2018, and of course, he said to reach out to him if I needed.

The recovery process he recommends for his patients is sound and simply outstanding. His bed-side manner is professional and I found him to be a very knowledgeable and caring physician. I would recommend Dr. Martin Coleman to anyone with similar physical needs

Margaret Boone – Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery

Image of Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in the ORI had cervical spinal fusion in April of 2017… Dr Carlson was very professional and a calming presence prior to the surgery. My neck and arm pain are gone except for occasional instances when I have some tingling, but I think in time it will recede. I was out of work for two weeks after the surgery.

I am now ready to get surgery on my lower back and feel confident that this surgery will go as well as the neck surgery and I will gain mobility back and can return to a more active life.

Thank you Dr. Carlson for your excellent care.

Margaret Boone


Brian Brisson – Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery

Dr. Carlson in the operating roomOn 12/6/17, I started to get sharp pains in my right leg.  I saw my PCP on 4 visits over the next week and was told I had a swollen muscle in my back that was causing leg pain.  I received 4 medications from my PCP with no improvements. On 12/15/17, I saw my PCP again and was told if my condition didn’t get better to come back the beginning of next year to get an MRI.

That same day, 12/15/17, I went to the chiropractor and was told I had a swollen muscle that was pinching the nerve running down my right leg. At this point, I could not walk 10 feet without collapsing over in pain and walking upstairs was impossible. After several visits to the chiropractor, the pain was no better.

On 12/21/17, I decided to see an Orthopedic specialist.  I called OSC ,because of their high ratings, and they scheduled me with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson the following day.

On 12/22/17, I saw Dr. Carlson and he immediately gave a very possible diagnosis that my L5 disc had ruptured, which was pinching my nerve. He ordered an MRI which was done as soon as possible, on 12/31/17. My follow-up appointment was on 1/5/18 for the MRI results. Dr. Carlson confirmed that my L5 had ruptured. He gave me 2 treatment options, with one of them being surgery (microdiscectomy) which would be the most successful of the 2 options. I chose surgery, which was scheduled for 1/16/18.

I went in for surgery on 1/16/18 at 5 AM. I was taken back to the OR at 7 AM, and woke up at 9: 30 AM,  completely out of pain and later that morning, walked out of the hospital.

I am 8 weeks post-op and feel amazing. Dr. Carlson is straightforward and straight to the point. Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable with the decision and he answered all of my questions. His staff is AMAZING and make you feel right at home. I thank God for Dr. Carlson and the skills he has been gifted. I hope no one has to go through the pain that I experienced, but if you are, I hope you are reading this and know that whatever decision you decide, Dr. Carlson and his staff will take great care of you. Just follow his orders and restrictions after surgery and you will be back to normal in no time. Thank you Dr. Carlson!

Brian Brisson

Mike Nall – L4-5 Microdiscectomy Surgery and Physical Therapy

Image of Mike Nall crossing the finish line at the One City MarathonOn the morning of July 23, 2017, I woke up to severe pain in my left leg, starting in my hip and going all the way down to my big toe. After initial treatment from my family doctor didn’t fix the problem, I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson.

He diagnosed me with a ruptured L4/L5 disc and for me, the only recommended treatment was surgery. On August 30, 2017, Dr. Carlson performed a microdiscectomy to repair my disc. The operation was a huge success.

Dr. Carlson prescribed physical therapy for me and I decided to go with OSC’s physical therapy group. I am so glad I chose them. For 8 weeks, Dr. Tom Toothaker and his incredible staff (Fred, Taylor and Zac) put me through intense therapy.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the professionalism and quality of service I received from both Dr. Carlson and Dr. Toothaker and their staff. As a testament, this past Sunday, March 4, 2018, I ran the One City Marathon 6 months post op! My back has never felt this great in a long time. Thanks to the treatment I received at OSC, I look forward to many more running miles!

William G. Suis – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesI had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand February 22, 2018.

After my surgery, I did not have to take any pain pills and had very little discomfort. No stitches required. The healing process is quick and my hand feels great.

Dr. Boyd Haynes is outstanding.  I give him a very high rating and a great recommendation. He is caring, responds to your questions and conducts himself in a professional manner.

William G. Suis 

Deborah Orband – Viscosupplementation Injections for Painful Knee

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesAt 62 years old I found myself in need of a good orthopedic doctor in anticipation of future knee surgery. I have been having pain in my left knee for several years which has been controlled over time with 3 steroid injections. However, my last steroid injection relieved my pain for less than 2 months. I knew the next step would have to be viscous knee injections or surgery.

I put it off as long as I could, but the pain in my left knee became constant and was inhibiting my daily activities. I asked a nurse friend of mine who she would have do surgery on her own knee and she immediately said Dr. Boyd Haynes. I did some research and had my first appointment in October 2017.

Dr. Haynes looked at my x-rays, listened to my history of my knee problems, and then we had a discussion of options. I wanted to do whatever I could do to relieve my knee pain without surgery, to which Dr. Haynes agreed. I started on Voltaren pills to see if that would help. After two weeks my pain was still significant, so we decided on a plan of 5 Supartz injections over a 5 week period.

On November 13 I received my first left knee injection, administered by Chris Schwizer, PA-C.
I was told that midway through my injections my insurance, Anthem, was going to stop covering these injections. That was very disturbing news. It especially made no sense to me as I had pain relief within 4 hours of my 1st injection! The next day I was so happy to actually be walking without the constant pain I had been having for months. When I returned for my 2nd injection on Nov 20, Chris said it’s not typical that a patient experiences pain relief after only 1 injection. The fact that I had was promising. I received my 3rd injection on Nov 27th and immediately went out of state due to a death in the family. This meant an interruption in my injections that could not be helped and the staff were understanding of my situation.

I was away for two weeks in which I did everything related to planning and executing a funeral & luncheon, taking care of a house, and all things associated with being executor of a will. I was in constant motion for two weeks. The ONLY way I was able to do what I needed to do was because I was not having pain in my left knee. I can’t tell you what a difference that made to my physical and emotional state during that difficult time.

I returned to have my 4th and 5th injections December 12 & 19. It was upsetting to have to pay more because Anthem decided these type of injections ‘don’t work.’ I am here to tell you that they do, in fact, work very well. It is March, 2018 and I still have pain relief. I will be writing to Anthem in protest of their decision & to inform them of my success with injections which allowed me to avoid costly surgery.

I am thankful to Dr. Haynes and his staff for the professional, caring treatment I received. I plan to continue seeing Dr. Haynes when I need further injections. Based on my personal experience and the testimonials of many others, I know if I ever need knee surgery, he is the surgeon for me. I highly recommend Dr. Haynes for anyone looking for an orthopedic doctor who knows what he’s doing and has his patient’s best interests at heart.

Bruce Jensky – Spinal Cyst Removal and Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in surgical scrubsThis endorsement is a long time in coming as I am one who does not give an endorsement lightly…

In the spring of 2016, I started to suffer pain in my right leg, specifically the thigh and calf. It seemed to be little more than a sprain or strain, but it got worse. The pain got so bad, I could not walk, stand, or sit. I just fell to the floor in agony.

My Primary Care Provider tried muscle relaxers and pain meds and recommended physical therapy. Although all helped, none solved the problem. After months of physical therapy, my therapist recommended that I seek more specialized care and recommended Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at Orthopedic and Spine Center.

Before I called, I went on line and did some due-diligence and checked Dr. Carlson and the facility out…

All my research encouraged me to call and I made an appointment with Dr. Carlson. First impressions are very important to me and I was very impressed with Dr. Carlson, the facilities, and all the personnel when I arrived.

After an initial assessment, I was given a cortisone shot, but to no avail… I was then given an MRI and I appreciate that they had the facilities on site. I was no condition to go searching for an off-site, third party facility for a MRI.

The MRI indicated that I had a cyst putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. Dr. Carlson recommended surgery to remove the cyst and spinal stabilization to minimize the chances of the cyst growing back.

I agreed to the surgery in November 2016 and chose to also have the stabilization performed as I did not want to go through this again.

I was admitted to Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital and Dr. Carlson performed the surgery that morning. I was released the next day (great hospital, also gave them a rave review…). After a week of recovery, I was back to my old self. The only reminder of my surgery is a small scar in the small of my back.

It has now been almost 18 months and I continue to enjoy a full life. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffery Carlson and the Orthopedic and Spine Center. They treated me with respect and dignity. I never felt that I was being pushed or prodded to choose any specific procedure. The all had the time and patience to answer my questions and respond to my fears. I cannot thank them enough.

Bruce Jensky