Robert D. Copeland – Shoulder (Rotator Cuff Repair) Surgery & Physical Therapy


I originally had my right shoulder (rotator cuff) operated on by Dr. Haynes eight years ago. Because of the experience the first time, there was no question I wanted him to do my left shoulder when the time came. The surgery went very well and after only a few weeks, I was able to begin physical therapy at OSC. With the exceptional treatment of the entire staff, both the surgical team and the rehab team, every appointment there is improvement. I am very grateful for Dr. Haynes and his entire OSC staff and the recovery process that has resulted from their outstanding work.

Robert D. Copeland

Lisa L. Wood – DeQuervain’s Syndrome Surgery


Like so many other people, I work on a computer all day, which entails keeping my hands and wrists in a stable position for far too many hours a day, with limited full range movement. In 2011, I started having pain in my right wrist and I was fearful of carpal tunnel syndrome. Since I am too type A not to try and figure it out myself, I went on-line to try and determine the possible causes of my pain. Several causes existed for the type and location of the pain I was having and some detailed that the only solution was a surgical one.

Dr. Haynes had already replaced both of my knees the year before and I like and respect him as a doctor, so I set up an appointment. He confirmed what I thought was the diagnosis by telling me I had DeQuervain’s Syndrome. He stated that the surgery was very quick and recovery was minimal and that no more than one day away from work was needed. I am happy to report that was exactly the case!

I took the day of the surgery off from work and was using my hand, without issue, that afternoon. The pain was completely gone and I have not had any issues since then. Dr. Haynes and I give each other a hard time, in a joking way, and it keeps both of us laughing. I cannot see myself going to any other Orthopedic Surgeon and I trust him implicitly. I recommend OSC for any ortho or pain issues to everyone I know. Dr Haynes and all of the staff at OSC are always very polite, respectful and truly care about their patients. They are the best!

Lisa L. Wood

Casey Jordan – Shoulder (Labrum Repair) Surgery & Thumb Surgery


I have been playing softball and volleyball my whole life. In 2007, I was referred to Dr. Haynes by a family member, when my right shoulder felt like it was popping in and out of place when it was simply hanging by my side. It was a very uncomfortable and painful feeling.

After an MRI, Dr. Haynes diagnosed me with a torn labrum, which would need surgery to repair it. I left surgery that day with minimal pain. Recovery was a long process of healing and physical therapy.

A few years later in 2010, I went back to Dr. Haynes with the same issue in my left shoulder, in which I had to have the same surgery. I haven’t had any issues with either of my shoulders since he repaired them.

Oct 2015 — I was playing kickball and thought I had just jammed my thumb. The following day, I ended up going to Med Express because it was the weekend. They told me I had fractured my thumb. I went to Dr. Haynes that following Monday where he diagnosed me with a “gamekeepers” thumb, which required surgery to repair the ligament. Once again, I left with minimal pain. The healing process has left me in a cast for a few weeks, with therapy, immediately after my cast removal.

Dr. Haynes has a great bedside manner. He is always so kind and excellent at explaining everything. I always leave without any questions or concerns.

I would 100% recommend Dr. Haynes to everyone!

Casey Jordan

Brenda L. Vines – Shoulder Surgery


Dr. Martin Coleman performed surgery on my left shoulder several years ago and other than the recovery time, I have not experienced any other pain or issues. Selecting Dr. Coleman as my doctor, and having the surgery were two of the best decisions I have ever made.

Forever grateful,

Brenda L. Vines

Vanessa Wood – Jiffy Hip Replacement


I had my left hip replaced the summer of 2013, and had a very good recovery. I came home the same day, had minimal discomfort and I was able to drive within 3 days. Dr. Haynes felt I would have a couple of years before my right hip would affect the quality of my life.

July, 2015, I had the right hip replaced. I knew what to expect this time. Same great outcome.

I am now 3 months post-op, and very happy with my recovery. I am a nurse and was familiar with the posterior approach for hip replacement. The recovery period was much longer and with more precautions. When I researched the anterior approach and patient’s outcomes, it was an easy decision. No regrets.

Vanessa Wood

Michael Boucher – Knee Arthroscopy & Meniscus Repair


Rating: 5.0

Dr. Jeff Carlson is fantastic. Ran two miles today (much slower than I am capable of), 11 days after a knee scope, meniscus repair and “oil change”.

Posted by Michael Boucher On Facebook: 10/05/2015

Irene Rawles – Bilateral Hip Replacement

Dr. Haynes lady

I would like to take this time to share my experience and give my “Greatest” thanks to Dr. Haynes and the staff at OSC for giving me my life back.

I recently had bilateral hip replacements on April 1, 2015, and immediately after surgery I knew that something was not right on my leftside, this went on for over three months going back and forth to the practice that performed my surgery with no available resolve, being told that nothing was wrong with my hip, this pain was so excruciating that I could not bear any weight on my left leg, and even using the bathroom became a challenge, because sitting too, brought on pain that wrenched tears from my eyes, this went on for what seemed like a lifetime, not being able to do any of the things I loved, as walking my dog Kassie, or being active in the kitchen (love to cook), and importantly, being productive and producing results on my job, which is totally out of character for all who know me.

I came to OSC in early August 2015, after being referred by a close family friend who saw me suffering from month to month, and she shared information she learned about Dr. Haynes and his treatment after attending some of his informational seminars. I made an appointment with Dr. Haynes and he quickly assessed me and explained clearly the cause of my pain all in one visit. He explained the approach needed before we reached the scheduling of the revision surgery. I can’t even began to say how this lifted my hopes and spirits from just that first visit, I had been told for months that nothing was wrong with my hip by two orthopedic specialists, but the pain I was experiencing told another story, as my right hip was doing fine.

I had my revision surgery on September 16, 2015, and immediately I felt the relief from the agonizing pain that had haunted me for so long, and I can’t explain the joy that I have in my heart because someone, Dr. Haynes, took the time to listen to me, and find the cause of my pain, no more walker, which I am grateful for in my time of need, but now, I’m moving on to great things, and looking forward to the holidays with lots of baking, family, friends, and my beloved Kassie!

Try Dr. Haynes and OSC, you’ll experience nothing but the best of care!


Irene Rawles

Joyce Britt – Hip Replacement

Nine days after a total hip replacement, performed by Dr. John Burrow, I am pain free, walking normally without my previous limp, and sleeping, pain-free, all night.

After seven months of progressively worsening pain, I found I was unable to walk even short distances, without the assistance of a walker. A full night’s sleep was a thing of the past. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the worse, my pain level was 8 to 10 every day. I was depressed that I could no longer walk to the mailbox or walk one of my dogs. My pain severely limited my previously active lifestyle . Refusing to accept the physical limitations of arthritis, I researched my options.

I am 72 years old and far from completing the numerous items on my bucket list. As a retired registered nurse, I reviewed contemporary surgical procedures, the most highly qualified orthopedic surgeons, and the most well-equipped medical facilities with the lowest incidence of postoperative complications. My research revealed Dr. John Burrow, a brilliant young surgeon, schooled at the finest medical schools in the country, who possessed skill, expertise, and hands of an artisan.

Now, after nine days, I have resumed my active lifestyle, pain free. And by the way, on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the worse, my worse postoperative pain was a 3.

Joyce S. Britt

Leah Schaffer – Carpal Tunnel Repair Surgery

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel about four years ago and only being in my twenties, I thought it was something that would go away over time. It had finally gotten to the point where I couldn’t sleep through the night or work with my hands without having shooting pain and numbness throughout my entire arm.

Dr. Haynes operated on my wrist and within 3-5 days, I was able to get back to doing just about anything, from playing tennis to woodworking and drawing. The pain from the surgery was minimal and I only took the prescribed pain medication for about a day.

I would recommend this surgery and Dr. Haynes to anyone suffering from carpal tunnel.

Leah Schaffer

Carolyn Taylor – Pain Management

I am a 69 year old Female. In April of 2014, I weighed 126 lbs. and developed problems with my stomach. I continuously felt sick to my stomach and had severe dry heaves. The only thing that would make my symptoms somewhat subside was to stay in a horizontal position.

In May, after many tests, I had an endoscopy which showed I had gastritis and an ulcer. My weight reduced to 120 lbs. Because I currently have nine (9) fused vertebrae from T10 to S1 with two rods and 18 pinnacle screws as a result of two spine surgeries in 2007 and 09; I was taking 50 mg of Voltaren twice a day as an anti-inflammatory. The Gastroenterologist stopped my use of Voltaren, an anti-inflammatory, immediately, because he felt this was the cause of my stomach issues, even though I explained there was plenty of stress in my life.

From June thru August, I continued to be sick and had numerous Blood Tests, Chest X-Rays, Ultrasounds as well as another Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy. My weight was at an all-time low of 102 lbs. and I now had an additional problem to contend with. Severe, cruel, spasm/shock-like hits would occur in my mid-back whenever I sat too long or tried to get in or out of bed. These were so bad that if they hit me when I was standing, I would lose control of my bladder. In September, I made an appointment with my Spine Specialist, thinking perhaps, some of the hardware in my back was causing the pain and spasms. After testing, he could find no such indication. He put me back on Voltaren and Misopostol (for the stomach) to try and get my inflammation and spasms under control. His only suggestion was perhaps a Pet test for Cancer. In October I had more blood tests.

As my spasm and stomach problems continued, I was prompted by Charney Chiropractic, who treated me for my back pain, to see Dr. Sureja. Prior to my appointment in January 2015, Dr. Sureja took the time to retrieve ALL of my medical records from my Spine Surgeon, as well as all other Medical Doctors who had treated or tested me. He reviewed my entire case, attentively listened to me as I explained my situation and made his assessment based on me as a PERSON, not on the basis of just one finding. Dr. Sureja recommended I take Zorvelex, which is 18 mg of Voltaren, three times a day, to reduce the pain in my back and reduce the amount that would be in my stomach so as not to irritate my ulcer. He also sent me to Physical Therapy for Dry Needling and Tens therapy for my back.

On my next visit in April 2015, I was 80% better with the spasms, and my weight was on the upswing.

As of this writing in October of 2015, I have only been sick three (3) times, my ulcer is gone, the inflammation in my back is not as bad with the reduced dosage of Voltaren, my weight is at 115 lbs. and my spasms are still severe, but not as numerous. I can live with this.

I am so grateful to Dr. Sureja for looking at me as a TOTAL PERSON, knowing that with my painful back, I cannot completely stop anti-inflammatories and yet recognizing that I must maintain a balance with a delicate stomach. Seeing Dr. Sureja has made a significant change in my well-being.

Carolyn P. Taylor