Virginia “Ginger” Reaves – Jiffy Hip Replacement

Dr. Boyd Haynes performed my left hip replacement back in 2004, without complications or problems. I had the posterior method of replacement and recovered beautifully. I was back to work part time, within 2-3 weeks, working up to a full week gradually. From the first appointment I found Dr. Haynes to be friendly, knowledgeable and very professional.

My intention was to get the right hip done within a year, but I felt so good after the left hip replacement, I put it off for awhile and other illnesses stopped me from getting the right hip replaced for several years.

Last year in 2016, I was ready. I was tired of limping, tired of constant arthritic pain and planning my life on how far I had to walk. I made an appointment with Dr. Haynes and he assured me he would try to correct my limp and it was definitely time to replace it. I had my right hip done in September 2016, via anterior procedure.

Although I was older this time (66), I recovered well without any issues at all. I am so grateful for this second replacement. I feel fantastic! I do not limp anymore, I wear shoes with heels, I walk without pain and have a new outlook on life. On top of that, I can go anywhere, no matter how far I have to walk. What a blessing!!! Thanks Dr. Haynes!!!!!!

I would highly recommend him if you are suffering with hip pain, he and his staff are the best. Also, an acknowledgement to Mary Immaculate Hospital, that was the first time I had ever been there, will not go elsewhere.

Virginia “Ginger” Reaves


Karen Levy – Cervical Discectomy Surgery

I have had neck pain for about 15 years. It got worse with each passing year. I tried the Chiropractor doctor and also did PT.

I found Dr. Jeffrey Carlson through a friend.  He suggested a Cervical Discectomy on C5, C6 & C7. As soon as I came out of surgery, the pain was gone! I just had the normal recuperation from surgery and that was it!

I have to say, this was a very easy surgery to recuperate from. I wish I had done this years ago. I am still pain free and my neck feels wonderful. I will be going back to him for lower back surgery in the near future. Thank you, Dr. Carlson!

Karen Levy

Heidi Callas – 5 Star Review of Dr. Boyd Haynes

Dr. Boyd Haynes is always so positive and funny. He makes me laugh before injecting my knees!! Laughter seems to help in those stressful and painful situations.

I can’t think of anything you could do to make my experience at OSC better.  Dr. Haynes’ funny attitude contributes the most to my satisfaction as his patient. He really enjoys his work and that makes me trust him so much more.

Heidi Callas


Valery Pawlak – 5 Star Review for Chris Schwizer, PA-C

Chris is awesome. He always answers any questions and explains all the procedures available. I love how he does what needs to be done with only what I want to do. He is professional and fun at the same time. Thanks for everything, Chris!

I also love the university exam rooms at the practice and the fact that everyone does all they can do to help me!

Valery Pawlak

Suzanne Sulllivan – 5 Star Review/Rating for Dr. Mark McFarland

Dr. Mark McFarland is a great doctor. He takes the time to listen to you and addresses the issues at hand. Talks to you in plain English, so medical terms are not for me to go home and google. Very impressed!

What did I enjoy the most about my experience at OSC?  The nurses were great! Dr. McFarland was awesome! Just knowing what is wrong with me and having the ability to try and fix it…awesome!

Suzanne Sullivan

Kerri Vailati – Physical Therapy

Victoria Bartnikowski – PTA and Corey at the Physical Therapy Center took great care of me and met my needs 100%. Corey is great at explaining each exercise and extremely patient as you struggle to reach your goals. Victoria treats each patient with respect and a gift of laughter, which caused me to be less stressed. This team is to be commended for their support and for making me feel as if I was their most important patient of the day on every visit.

Every time I step through the doors of the Physical Therapy building, Cliff greets me by name. He realizes that those of us standing in line are usually in pain and hurries to get us through the process. Cliff keeps a smile on his face and in his voice He is to be commended!

Kerri Vailati


David Coes – Knee Replacement Surgeries

I would like to commend my personal physician, Dr. Boyd Haynes, who recently handled both my knee replacement surgeries. Dr. Haynes epitomizes the word “preeminence,” as a consummate professional with both superb skills as a surgeon, as well as an excellent “bedside” manner. I liked his conservative and logical approach to attacking both my knee issues. Due to his professionalism, by the time the decision was made to have surgery, I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Haynes.

Needless to say, Dr. Haynes made me feel very confident in both procedures, from start to finish. He also did an excellent job with follow up after the surgery. I am now several months out from my knee replacement. I am very grateful to be back to working out and returning to my previous level of activity.

In conclusion, I believe without a doubt, Dr. Haynes sets the standard for service in the healthcare field. My sincere appreciation for the help Dr. Haynes and the OSC team has provided me.



David Coes

Judie Paranuk – 5 Star Rating/Review of Dr. Boyd Haynes

I love Dr. Boyd Haynes’ sense of humor…it helps when you are hurting…and makes him seem more “human/humane”.  I appreciate his thoroughness and how listening is the most important thing to him. I recommend OSC to everyone who needs an Orthopaedic physician!!!

Judie Paranuk

Richard Sprouse – 5 Star Rating/Review of Dr. Boyd Haynes

Dr. Boyd Haynes explains me to me exactly what’s going on with my knees, and assures me he will do everything within his power to relieve me of my pain, without surgery. In my opinion, Dr. Haynes is straight forward and to the point. He has a great smile.  And I love how he is on time for his appointments.  If the appointment is at 8 AM, you are in at 8 AM!

Richard Sprouse

Raymond Adams – 5 Star Rating/Review of Dr. Mark McFarland

I was very impressed with results of my procedure with Dr. Mark McFarland. Everything he told me concerning my recovery was spot on! I could notice weekly, sometimes daily improvement during recovery.

I would totally recommend Dr. McFarland and OSC to anyone seeking relief from spinal injury or degeneration. What I enjoyed most about my treatment with him were the positive results!           Raymond Adams