Jeannie Marie Jones – Back Pain Treatment


Even though the office is 1 1/2 hours from me, I wouldn’t trade offices for a million dollars. I can call and have my answers immediately and an appointment within a day or two. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to anyone with the slightest back problem.

Jeannie Marie Jones


Rudolph Pazdernik – Vertebroplasty for Vertebral Fracture


Dr. Raj Sureja didn’t just manage my pain; He eliminated it!

A few years ago, as I was suffering from some sort of a vertebral fracture in my back, I was referred to Dr. Raj Sureja at OSC. The first thing I did was to check him out on the internet and learned that he was a “Pain Management” specialist.

Well, that didn’t sound too good to me, as I could just imagine having to take pain pills and physical therapy for the rest of my life. However, his credentials sounded very impressive, so I went up to see what he had to offer. After he checked my X-rays, he smiled and said, “Oh, we can take care of that with just a little bone cement.”

Well, I’m delighted to report that he did just that! After making a small incision in my back, he placed a little of his “bone cement” on the fracture and within an hour, the pain was not only “managed,” it was GONE! And I am happy to report that it has never come back!

Dr. Sureja deserves a 5-Star rating in my book, and I would be happy to recommend him to my family and friends!

Rudolph Pazdernik 



Betsy Rowe – Trigger Finger Release Surgery



Recently, I had a “trigger” finger problem. Sounds funny or at least it did to me. I visited Dr. Boyd Haynes for an office visit and he injected the site. As he predicted at the time, this was a temporary fix and I would need surgery to correct the situation.

First, let me let you in on the fact that I am not a good patient when it comes to surgery. My big problem is anesthesia (hope I spelled that right). Most doctors don’t really like patients to opt for local anesthesia, but since this was a minor surgery, he (Dr. Haynes) agreed to do a local. Well, it was local and it was a very pleasant experience. I felt comfortable and at ease. Dr. Haynes was professional and explained the procedure as it progressed. This surgery had no surprises, because Dr. Haynes was totally open about the procedure from the first office visit to my follow-up.

Now I know the surgical scar shouldn’t be a big deal, but I don’t think anyone really likes to see scars on their hands. Dr. Haynes used a natural crease in my hand as the point of entry. It’s been 3 weeks and the scar is healing nicely and once completely healed, no one will be able to tell the scar from crease. He has explained that it was possible I could have another one of these trigger problems with my fingers, but if so, then so be it. I know Dr. Haynes will correct the problem quickly, efficiently, and successfully. His trump card is his sense of humor and friendliness which goes a long way with me. If you are looking for a true professional orthopedic surgeon who knows his stuff, then Dr. Boyd Haynes is your physician.

Betsy Rowe

Frank Hunyady – Pain Management

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Monica (Monica Beckett, NP-BC) simply provided the most competent, professional service imaginable. She quite capably answered all my questions and concerns in a style easy to understand, and in a rate of speech that allowed processing time. My time with her was enjoyable, given her keen sense of humor that never went beyond the limits of a professional relationship. Her prescription returned me to an active life. I feel fortunate to have her as my service provider.

Frank Hunyady


Kathleen (Kathy) Wright – Total Knee Replacement



Dr. Boyd Haynes is an excellent, caring, and well-qualified orthopedic doctor. I started having knee problems in 2007 with a torn meniscus. Dr. Haynes performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee and did an excellent job. Then in March 2015, I started having issues with pain while walking and climbing steps. Before undergoing surgery, Dr. Haynes suggested a series of five Supartz shots for five consecutive weeks. You see, Dr. Haynes is NOT a doctor who would automatically perform surgery if you say you are in pain. He will try all the options first.

So now, it was time for total knee replacement. We set the date for Sept. 9, 2015. Dr. Haynes suggested a class for me (and my husband) to attend that would tell me what to expect before, during, and after surgery. I was also given a booklet with exercises which I was to do BEFORE and AFTER surgery.

TWO HOURS after being in my room after complete knee replacement, I was up and walking, with the help of a walker. The very next morning (with my walker), I was walking UP AND DOWN STEPS! Needless to say, I was released that morning. I had an in-house therapist, who believed in physical EXERCISE and ACTIVITY. After five days, I was able to walk without my walker, and after five more days, I was able to give up my walking cane.

I saw Dr. Haynes on Sept. 9, 2016, exactly one year from my surgery. What did he say? X-rays were excellent…everything was in place just like they should be! I now walk with no limp, climb steps, and ride a bicycle. I can do now what I couldn’t do a year ago with NO PAIN!

I CANNOT say enough positive things about Dr. Boyd Haynes! He IS an awesome doctor, BUT YOU have to do your part! FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS, EXERCISE, AND EXERCISE!!!

Kathleen (Kathy) Wright

Nancy J. McPhail – Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Management Program



From June – Sept. 6, 2016, I was a member of the charter class, “Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management”, led by Dr. Cal Robinson, and based on the work of Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix. I’ve had chronic, lower back pain for 15 years, as a result of arthritic and deteriorating 3 spinal discs. My Dr. would not prescribe opioids, so I depended on big doses of NSAIDS. I exercised, but found it hard to find something that didn’t exacerbate the pain.

In this class, we learned how meditation, and exploring our feelings and roots of pain, could help us control and even reduce pain. The fact meditation reduced fear meant, that stress hormones, a contributor to chronic pain, were also reduced.

I was a bit skeptical that this class could help, but I was willing to try, and I am very glad I did. I started feeling better gradually and found that, not only did the meditation reduce pain, it reduced my anxiety and it increased patience, something I needed!  I was able to reduce the use of NSAIDS by 80%. Since the class, I have less pain, less fear of the future and greater control of my emotions. If I miss a daily meditation, I feel out of sorts; practicing a meditation puts me at a better place, almost immediately.

I am very grateful to Dr. Robinson for bringing this program to our community, and I highly recommend it! I wished I had learned this years ago.

Nancy J. McPhail

Denise Owens – Lumbar Fusion Surgery









I was having so much lower back pain, to where I was limit to little or no activities. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson did a Lumbar Fusion surgery on my back on May 23rd, 2016. It was the best decision I ever made, because now I can sit up straight, I can walk straight.  I want to Thank Dr. Carlson so much for doing the surgery, it changed my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to anyone with back problem. Dr. Carlson cares about his patients, their recovery and Dr. Carlson and staff will take good care of you . Again, Thank you, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson!

Denise Owens

Candace Grantham – Pain Management



Caring Doctor

From the first time I met Dr. Jenny Andrus, I liked her. She has always been thorough in every aspect of my treatment. She works with you to find the best treatment. I was lucky to find her when I moved here.

Candace Grantham

Steven Kast – Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery



During the summer of 2012, I ruptured my right Achilles Tendon. Physical Activity is a big part of my life, so I sought the best solution and Orthopedic Surgeon in the community. I was referred to Dr. Boyd Haynes.

After my visit with Dr. Haynes we set a date for surgery. Dr. Haynes informed me that he was having great success in placing the patient in a boot only and not the traditional casting and immobilization. I was excited to hear this optimism and the news that I could be up and moving much quicker.
The surgery went well and, as promised, I was placed in the boot and given crutches with great after-care instructions. After a few days, I started to get myself moving using the crutches with light pressure. Then, I started walking moderately with the boot. In a few weeks, I was walking in the boot without crutches. A few weeks later I removed the boot and was walking with great care but moving nicely. I continued with my own therapy because I was motivated to get active again.

Approximately, three months from my surgery, I was running again and within six months I had forgotten I had the surgery. In fact, I was more active because my chronic Achilles pain was finally gone. Kudos to Dr. Haynes and his staff for the great surgery and most of all, the new recovery protocol. If you choose Dr. Boyd Haynes you are in good hands!

Steven Kast

James A. Randall, III – Cervical Spine Fusion

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I had neck surgery performed (by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson) on July 11th of this year (2016). It’s only been 5 weeks since then and I feel great. There Is absolutely NO PAIN and I have complete range of motion. I actually don’t feel like I ever had neck surgery. He is definitely GOOD at what he does!!!

James A. Randall, III