Carole Stockberger – Partial Knee Replacement

Dr. Boyd Haynes was sympathetic and answered all my questions before, during and after surgery. The surgery was scheduled quickly and the process was efficient. All of the staff were caring.

My Physical Therapy went well and took in less time than expected.  My pain was managed very well during my recovery and healing. Having had a partial knee replacement by Dr. Haynes; I will look to him for all my Orthopedic needs and any future surgery. I have already referred friends to Dr. Haynes and will continue to do so. My friends have thanked me because their experience was as positive as mine.

Carole Stockberger

Sherry Colden – Spinal Laminectomy Surgery

About a year ago, I woke up suddenly in extreme pain, I could not walk. After many trips to the doctors, the cause was diagnosed, I had a nerve that was touching a vertebrae. I did everything but fly a kite in a thunderstorm to relieve the pain.

Since I was very apprehensive about BACK SURGERY, I figured interviewing some doctors would help. So I did my research, read bios, surgery experience for my particular condition, testimonials etc. One of the surgeons I visited was Dr. Jeffrey Carlson; he won out. I even felt happy after I left his office. He looked at my MRI, pointed to the issue and explained clearly how he would fix it. Answered my questions and provided literature for me to review. GREAT! That’s what I needed. My apprehension disappeared.

The surgery day was exactly as described, the pre- and post-op experience was great. I AM NOW PAIN FREE. I CAN WALK WITHOUT SCREAMING OUT IN SUDDEN PAIN. Thank GOD! I am going to physical therapy now, to strengthen my muscles and stretch them out.

I have no complaints. Dr. Carlson has a very good bedside manner, he listens and helps you to understand your issue, he was very confident of my outcome which gave me the confidence to proceed with the surgery. Thank you, Dr. Carlson!!!!!

Sherry Colden

Reid Lundie – Meniscal Repair Surgery

I came to Dr. Robert Snyder on the recommendation of a friend and am very glad that I did. I had pain in my right knee, and it turned out to be a meniscal tear and worn cartilage under my knee cap. After X-rays revealed nothing, Dr. Snyder ordered an MRI which showed the damage to my knee. The surgery was scheduled very quickly, I was in and out of the operating room in less than 30 minutes, and what he did has stopped the pain. Within three days of the surgery, I was putting my full weight on my right leg, within 4 days I was driving, and a week after the surgery, I returned to work.

Thank you, Dr. Snyder, for your outstanding professionalism. I will be coming back to you in the future should the need arise.

Reid Lundie

Veronica Long – Physical Therapy for Bursitis of the Hip

Earlier this summer, I had the wonderful experience of working with Junmei Pan, Victoria and Tom at the OSC Physical Therapy Center when I was suffering with bursitis of my hip.

They were very knowledgeable, informative and thorough. They took the time to explain what was going on and how to do each exercise.

On one occasion, I had to take my 7 year old granddaughter with me and they not only talked to her about the job of a physical therapist, but let her “help”!

I would highly recommend this practice to anyone needing the services of a physical therapist.

Veronica Long 

Richard Tamashiro-Costa – Physical Therapy After Motorcycle Accident

At 61 years young, I survived a motorcycle accident in which I broke 9 ribs in multiple places as well as my collar bone and shoulder blade. I was healing well, but had limited use of my right arm. This was very depressing as I thought I would never be able to ride again, play a round of golf or do many of the things I had been enjoying for years.

I came to OSC Physical Therapy to try to get the range of motion and strength back in my shoulder, so that I could resume my exercise regimen and get back on a motorcycle. As I was anxious to start my physical therapy, I was very impressed that they were able to schedule my evaluation appointment within two days of my initial call, and my first physical therapy appointment a few days later.

In the 8 weeks that followed, I worked with DPT Jamie Swale, PTA Heather Cole and techs Corey and Zach twice a week. After the first few sessions working with them and doing the stretches and exercises they prescribed, I could tell that, with hard work, I would be very close to regaining full use of my arm.

I “graduated” and they sent me home with a list of exercises to continue my progress. I will be forever grateful for the care and the motivation that Jamie, Heather, Corey and Zach gave me which, not only helped me get through the sometimes painful workouts, but also got me back on a motorcycle again.

If you or anyone you know needs physical therapy, I wholeheartedly recommend OSC. The quality of the facility and equipment is five star and the staff is AMAZING!!

Richard Tamashiro-Costa

Debbie Collier – Physical Therapy

I have gained new respect for the value of Physical Therapy. It has improved my mobility by at least ten fold. It has taken me from a slumped over, partially feeble, crooked old woman (with a crooked old smile and a crooked old cane trying to walk a crooked old mile) to a virtually upright structure with no assistive-walking devices and a lot happier face. My Physical Therapist – Tom Toothaker, DPT.

It is not an easy process and requires dedication, but is so worth it if you value your mobility. I absolutely believe if I was directed to this path so many years ago, I would not have become that “crooked old lady”. PT rocks and I hope the medical field and the public will learn to put that foot forward first, instead of almost the last resort.

Debbie Collier

Ann Templin – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement Surgery

I had a right hip replacement in early May 2017. I had previously had my left hip replaced. This prior surgery was approximately 10 years ago by another surgeon. Unfortunately, the first surgery was posterior approach and did not use the “jiffy” hip method used by Dr. Boyd Haynes. My first hip surgery resulted in 10 weeks missed work. Since my job was somewhat physical, even after the 10 week convalescence, there were some limitations. I had been lead to believe that I would never squat down again and even retrieving dropped objects was no easy feat.

What a difference with surgery number two. It did not resemble surgery number one in any way. The hospital stay was one night. I was allowed to drive within two weeks after surgery, compared to 6-8 weeks previously. We began to refer to Dr. Haynes as “Dr. Yes” around my house. Every question I asked, his answer was yes. Can I kayak? Boogie board? Drive to Oklahoma? Yes, yes and yes.

Everyone involved, from OSC staff to hospital staff, was wonderful. I could not have hoped for better results.

Ann Templin


Ernestine Yancey – Patient Review

I’m very pleased with my care from Dr. John Burrow. He is upfront with the problem you have and explained what needed to be done to correct my problem.

Ernestine Yancey 

Dr. Linda McLean – Orthopaedic Care

I enjoy the warmth and support of staff. (Especially Dr. Boyd Haynes!!). I appreciate the ease of checking in; especially the self-service kiosk. Also like the fact that the wait is usually minimal!!

Dr. Linda McLean

Jay (James) Titlow – Lumbar Fusion Surgeries

Hi, my name is Jay (James) Titlow, and I am a patient of Doctor Jeffrey Carlson. I also have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, for almost 20 years. The BEST “fix” to minimize the adverse effects of Parkinson’s to date, is to exercise. Unfortunately the torque and stiffness I often experience in my lower back, is the price I pay to keep my daily gym ritual intact.

I have had 2 lumbar fusions with Dr. Carlson. Within a few months of my 1st surgery, the back pain returned… disappointing. Since I knew my situation was unique, I knew that after follow-up appointments with Dr. Carlson, a 2nd fusion would be needed to extend the area of the lower back being fused.

After the most recent round of surgery, I am happy to report my pain is almost completely gone. Dr. Carlson was honest and steadfast in his assessment and diagnosis, and genuinely seemed committed that if I took this route, it would bring favorable results. To date, favorable results indeed!

Jay (James) Titlow