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Alan Weismann – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

image of Dr. Jeffrey CarlsonI am a 65-year old male who suffered from progressive, degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis for many years. My doctors prescribed various types of pain medications, physical therapy, and injections to control my symptoms, until I developed sciatic nerve pain in my hips and legs in December 2017. After reviewing the results of my most recent MRI, the pain management specialist who was treating me recommended I consult with a surgeon to determine if a surgical procedure was necessary to correct my back problems.

I met with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in January 2018. Dr. Carlson reviewed my MRI and recommended a multi-level spinal fusion to correct my spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. I agreed. So, Dr. Carlson performed a multi-level spinal fusion on the lumbar section of my spine in February 2018.

The spinal fusion surgery immediately eliminated the sciatic nerve in my hips and legs. I was able to walk without a walker and climb stairs without pain within 10 days after my surgery. And I was able to complete my physical therapy treatments and begin doing cardio-vascular exercises at a local fitness center within 3 weeks after my surgery.

Dr. Carlson reviewed the results of the most recent x-rays my spine in early April 2018, and he determined I was nearly 100% recovered from surgery. So, he informed me I could stop wearing a back brace and return to doing my normal activities with no restrictions. Thanks to Dr. Carlson, I am now pain free and able to perform all of my normal daily activities without restrictions.

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