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Amy Bray – Hip Replacement

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesWhen I started experiencing severe hip pain a few years ago. There were days that I could barely walk and do for myself. My mother strongly recommended that I see Dr. Boyd Haynes as he performed a very successful hip replacement on her, about three years ago.

After I couldn\’t tolerate the pain any longer and my quality of life was very much hindered, I made an appointment with Dr. Haynes and I am so glad I did! Dr. Haynes had to replace my hip and reconstruct my hip socket. The surgery was very successful and recovery went smoothly.

I had my surgery done on 10/11/17 and returned to work on 10/31/17.  People were amazed at how well I was doing and getting around.  I explained that I had an exceptional surgeon!!

Thanks so much Dr. Haynes for giving me back a pain free life!  Thanks to you I am able to get out and enjoy things I love to do!!

Amy Bray

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