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Andy Murphie Sr., DVM – Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Andy Murphie, Sr. performing veterinary surgery at Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital in Toano, Virginia.

I have been dealing with a very painful knee for many years.  The first injury occurred in 1962 and there were multiple injuries since that time, during which I underwent knee arthroscopy 5 times.  The discomfort had reached the level, where on several occasions while traveling with my wife and groups, our plans had to be changed, as I was unable to leave the ship or hotel room.
When my Baker’s Cyst began to drain, I met with Dr. John Burrow.  He addressed with me the risk I was taking for a blood clot and advised that I get a total knee replacement ASAP.  While meeting with him prior to surgery, I expressed my concerns about the duration of recovery time.  He explained all and advised me this would be uncomfortable, but he felt that I was motivated enough to possibly return to work in 4 weeks.

I am pleased to say–I returned to work in 2.5 weeks post-op, at which time I was able to return to veterinary surgery. I am now without discomfort in my knee.  I can go up and down stairs normally alternating steps which I could not do before surgery.  Also, I can stand upright from a chair normally.  I cannot be more pleased with the outcome from my total knee arthroplasty.
Andy Murphie Sr., DVM

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