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Angela Rowe – Non-Surgical Procedures

IMG_9998I see Dr. Andrus for 2 issues. One is my foot that causes tremendous pain and the other is the sacroiliac problems in my back. I have had injections by Dr. Andrus and each time she is so gentle when giving the shots. I’m usually surprised when she says she is finished. Dr. Andrus also has an excellent staff that works with her. They are professional, helpful, and always cordial during office visits. My favorite part about Dr. Andrus is that she has not given up in helping find treatments for my back. I have seen other Doctors and they told me they didn’t know what else to do. With Dr. Andrus, if one thing doesn’t work, we move on to something else. Our next step is Prolotherapy and we are hoping that this does the trick. She is always so knowledgeable and also kind and compassionate every time I see her for an appointment. Thank you Dr. Andrus and staff for being the BEST!

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