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Ann Templin – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement Surgery

I had a right hip replacement in early May 2017. I had previously had my left hip replaced. This prior surgery was approximately 10 years ago by another surgeon. Unfortunately, the first surgery was posterior approach and did not use the “jiffy” hip method used by Dr. Boyd Haynes. My first hip surgery resulted in 10 weeks missed work. Since my job was somewhat physical, even after the 10 week convalescence, there were some limitations. I had been lead to believe that I would never squat down again and even retrieving dropped objects was no easy feat.

What a difference with surgery number two. It did not resemble surgery number one in any way. The hospital stay was one night. I was allowed to drive within two weeks after surgery, compared to 6-8 weeks previously. We began to refer to Dr. Haynes as “Dr. Yes” around my house. Every question I asked, his answer was yes. Can I kayak? Boogie board? Drive to Oklahoma? Yes, yes and yes.

Everyone involved, from OSC staff to hospital staff, was wonderful. I could not have hoped for better results.

Ann Templin


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