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Anthony Sam – Knee Replacements

My name is Anthony Sam and I’m a 58 year old from Denver, CO, who spent 20 years in the US Navy and another 11 years as a Mechanic for NAVSEA Systems.

My Doctor is Jeffrey Carlson and I was seen by him for Severe Chronic Osteoarthritis of my right and left knee. My knee pain can be traced back to my time in the Navy and then was dramatically increased due to my physically intensive duties working as a Ship Yard Mechanic.

I have, in the past, had multiple knee surgeries on both of my knees, as well as countless injections to replace my Synovial Fluid. My knee pain had steadily gotten worse since my 1st knee surgery in 2004, to the point I had to take a disability retirement in 2015, during which I began to seek out treatment for my knee pain.

I first met Dr. Carlson in May of 2015.  I have to say I very impressed from the moment I walked into his office at OSC. Dr. Carlson was to the point and suggested to me that I really should have my knees replaced.  I was more than happy to have him do the procedure.

Dr. Carlson replaced my right knee in July of 2016 and that went so well that I had Dr. Carlson replace my left knee in February of 2017. As of today,I pain free and I have been given a new lease on my life going forward. I was always a very active person, but my knee pain had really taken a toll on my life style. but as of now I can actually go through my entire day without any real issues.

I would highly recommend Dr. Carlson and the entire OSC Staff, from Check-in to the Physical Therapy Department. I truly feel lucky to have met a 1st Class Ortho Surgeon in Dr. Carlson. Again, I am truly grateful on how things are going for me. Thank You.

Anthony Sam

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