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Barbara Naquin – Hip Replacements

IMG_9990Dr. Haynes,

“You’ll know when it’s time for hip replacement surgery,” related members of the OSC Team. Severe pain in both hips prevented me from enjoying athletic activities with family and friends, household chores, routine excursions here in Gloucester and all of Hampton Roads.

Fortunately, a dear friend who recently had a successful hip replacement, recommended Dr. Haynes. “When it’s over, the answers to all questions about what you can do WILL BE YES!” he said. AND HOW RIGHT HE WAS! After the left hip was replaced, the relief was amazing. At the end of three weeks, I could drive, walk to the end of our pier, watch the grandchildren play, dive and swim off the boats. All household and community activities were resumed as well. Folks said, “What! You just had hip surgery?”

Everyone within earshot has heard about the attention to detail and patient care that I experienced in Dr. Haynes’ office. His staff was organized and questions answered almost before I had formulated them. His bedside manner was comforting and informative to my situation.

The right hip was replaced several months later. I am recovering with the same result.

Thank you, Dr. Haynes and Staff, for the benefit of your knowledge and shipshape operation!
Barbara Naquin

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