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Betty Owsley – Exercise and PT for Knee Pain


My name is Betty and in February of 2012, I was having problems with my knees.
They would pop and grind especially when I climbed stairs. One evening while my husband and I were out for dinner, I started to get up, but my knee was locked up and I couldn’t move my leg or stand. My husband, not knowing what else to do, got down on the floor and started slowly moving my ankle. From the turned heads, I believe the other diners thought he was proposing to me, but he was just desperate to help me get up. We finally got my knee unlocked and I knew it was time to see someone about this problem. I was fairly new on the Peninsula and a friend from church recommended Dr. Haynes.

Dr. Haynes did an x-ray and it showed that there was arthritis in my knees. He sent me to Physical Therapy and they worked out an exercise regimen that would strengthen the muscles in my knees and hips. I continued the exercises after physical therapy ended.

The next year my husband and I went on a rigorous bus tour. We were up early and on the bus. I went three days without doing my exercises, after all, I was on vacation, and soon realized that my knees were weak and I had pain when I walked. I realized that if I wanted to continue an active lifestyle I would have to keep my body in shape by exercising.

It has been four years since that first visit with Dr. Haynes and sometimes I get tired of exercising, but then I remember how fast one can lose muscle and strength and I am happy to spend that time to make me feel better.

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