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Brenda Bannister – Cervical Discectomy

Image of Brenda BannisterOn September 27, 2017, Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson performed a Cervical Discectomy at the Surgical Pavilion, Mary Immaculate Hospital. Dr. Carlson cut under my neck (less invasive) which was an outpatient surgery. I had no complications thanks to the great team under Dr. Carlson’s direction.

I have to say because Dr. Carlson is a Christian (for me that’s important), so many Christians in the community know of him, and raved about his work in the surgery. I felt at ease and wasn’t a bit scared going into the surgery. My neck was pushing down on my spine and that had to be corrected. I felt so calm and relaxed knowing that those “expert hands that God has blessed” were doing my surgery.

My surgery was successful. I am such a crusader for Dr. Carlson and will spread his name every where. He is an excellent doctor and Ms. Kay and the rest of the staff are great on the team. I am very blessed to have been sent to Dr. Jeffery R. Carlson.

Brenda Bannister

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