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Brian Wilson – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

On December 21, 2016,  I had a decompression/fusion surgery done on L4 & 5, S1 by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at Mary Immaculate Hospital.  I never felt any pain, the whole team was 1st class,  including the staff that comes to your house for a few weeks and the rehab folks  (Personal Touch Home Care and Physical Therapy).

I started walking within a few weeks and go do a couple mile walk with my dogs any time. Once in a great while, I can feel a minute amount of pain in my back, but most times walk my way out of it. Before the operation, I could walk .25 miles and my right foot would go numb and I would have to sit down till it went away.

There was lots of things I was not doing anymore because of back pain. The operation fixed more than my back. It helps if you get off the painkillers as soon as you can, then constipation will not be a problem.

I had two excellent chiropractors over the years, but the last 4 months before surgery, they could not help much. I had a doctor in my family tell me this operation was the end of the line and he thought a lot of these big back operations didn’t go well.

I’m a little shy of 3 months after surgery . I am 68 and going to start a new business. I wouldn’t doubt that Dr. Carlson may be the best one out there.

Brian Wilson

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