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Carolyn Taylor – Pain Management

I am a 69 year old Female. In April of 2014, I weighed 126 lbs. and developed problems with my stomach. I continuously felt sick to my stomach and had severe dry heaves. The only thing that would make my symptoms somewhat subside was to stay in a horizontal position.

In May, after many tests, I had an endoscopy which showed I had gastritis and an ulcer. My weight reduced to 120 lbs. Because I currently have nine (9) fused vertebrae from T10 to S1 with two rods and 18 pinnacle screws as a result of two spine surgeries in 2007 and 09; I was taking 50 mg of Voltaren twice a day as an anti-inflammatory. The Gastroenterologist stopped my use of Voltaren, an anti-inflammatory, immediately, because he felt this was the cause of my stomach issues, even though I explained there was plenty of stress in my life.

From June thru August, I continued to be sick and had numerous Blood Tests, Chest X-Rays, Ultrasounds as well as another Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy. My weight was at an all-time low of 102 lbs. and I now had an additional problem to contend with. Severe, cruel, spasm/shock-like hits would occur in my mid-back whenever I sat too long or tried to get in or out of bed. These were so bad that if they hit me when I was standing, I would lose control of my bladder. In September, I made an appointment with my Spine Specialist, thinking perhaps, some of the hardware in my back was causing the pain and spasms. After testing, he could find no such indication. He put me back on Voltaren and Misopostol (for the stomach) to try and get my inflammation and spasms under control. His only suggestion was perhaps a Pet test for Cancer. In October I had more blood tests.

As my spasm and stomach problems continued, I was prompted by Charney Chiropractic, who treated me for my back pain, to see Dr. Sureja. Prior to my appointment in January 2015, Dr. Sureja took the time to retrieve ALL of my medical records from my Spine Surgeon, as well as all other Medical Doctors who had treated or tested me. He reviewed my entire case, attentively listened to me as I explained my situation and made his assessment based on me as a PERSON, not on the basis of just one finding. Dr. Sureja recommended I take Zorvelex, which is 18 mg of Voltaren, three times a day, to reduce the pain in my back and reduce the amount that would be in my stomach so as not to irritate my ulcer. He also sent me to Physical Therapy for Dry Needling and Tens therapy for my back.

On my next visit in April 2015, I was 80% better with the spasms, and my weight was on the upswing.

As of this writing in October of 2015, I have only been sick three (3) times, my ulcer is gone, the inflammation in my back is not as bad with the reduced dosage of Voltaren, my weight is at 115 lbs. and my spasms are still severe, but not as numerous. I can live with this.

I am so grateful to Dr. Sureja for looking at me as a TOTAL PERSON, knowing that with my painful back, I cannot completely stop anti-inflammatories and yet recognizing that I must maintain a balance with a delicate stomach. Seeing Dr. Sureja has made a significant change in my well-being.

Carolyn P. Taylor

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