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Casey Jordan – Shoulder (Labrum Repair) Surgery & Thumb Surgery


I have been playing softball and volleyball my whole life. In 2007, I was referred to Dr. Haynes by a family member, when my right shoulder felt like it was popping in and out of place when it was simply hanging by my side. It was a very uncomfortable and painful feeling.

After an MRI, Dr. Haynes diagnosed me with a torn labrum, which would need surgery to repair it. I left surgery that day with minimal pain. Recovery was a long process of healing and physical therapy.

A few years later in 2010, I went back to Dr. Haynes with the same issue in my left shoulder, in which I had to have the same surgery. I haven’t had any issues with either of my shoulders since he repaired them.

Oct 2015 — I was playing kickball and thought I had just jammed my thumb. The following day, I ended up going to Med Express because it was the weekend. They told me I had fractured my thumb. I went to Dr. Haynes that following Monday where he diagnosed me with a “gamekeepers” thumb, which required surgery to repair the ligament. Once again, I left with minimal pain. The healing process has left me in a cast for a few weeks, with therapy, immediately after my cast removal.

Dr. Haynes has a great bedside manner. He is always so kind and excellent at explaining everything. I always leave without any questions or concerns.

I would 100% recommend Dr. Haynes to everyone!

Casey Jordan

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