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Charles Bellinger – Total Knee Replacements & Physical Therapy

I would highly recommend OSC’s Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, my Surgeon, who successfully performed two TKR operations (within the past 2 years) and who guided me on my journey to total recovery through therapy.

I further recommend the therapy program offered at the OSC establishment. My 20 plus therapy appointments with the OSC Newport News Therapy office, found the staff extremely professional and friendly, starting with the appointment staff at PT’s front office.

My therapy evaluators/trainers Drs. Swale and Osowski, supported by their PTA/PT staff including Fred, Bill, Heather, Maria, and Jameil, went the distance to ensure I received the appropriate therapy to get back on my feet.

Thanks to all at OSC, for helping me achieve an improved quality of life.

Charles Bellinger 


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