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Craig Warren – Spine Surgery

Physician: Dr. Jeffrey Carlson

I would like to thank Dr. Carlson for saving my husband’s life. An unrelated MRI, that was completed at my husband’s job, showed that my husband had a bone spur pressing against his spinal cord right at the base of his brain. As we looked at the MRI and Dr. Carlson explained the seriousness of the problem, he did so in a way that assured us that everything was going to be just fine.

Since we did not come to the office expecting to hear that my husband needed surgery, I was in shock. After I quickly prayed and tried to hold back my tears, Dr. Carlson educated us regarding the problem and the surgical procedure that was needed and was available to answer any questions we had (and we had quite a few!). He and his staff were extremely patient and compassionate.

Dr. Carlson’s staff (especially Kaye) helped us to quickly schedule surgery and to maneuver through a tricky insurance issue, as my husband had to switch from regular coverage to COBRA. I feel like we received the best medical care possible and could not have asked for a better doctor. I was amazed that when my husband got to his room, Dr. Carlson’s office had a cheerful flower arrangement waiting in the room for him.

My husband’s scar will always be there to remind us of this trial, but I believe that the precision that Dr. Carlson used made even the scarring minimal for such a procedure as this. We are forever thankful to God for Dr. Carlson and his staff and we highly recommend him for anyone who needs an Orthpaedic Surgeon.

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