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Cynthia French – Meniscus Repair

IMG_9990Several years ago, I sustained what, “for me”, was clearly a sports-related injury. I am sure that some of you ladies will be familiar with my sports event. I had been battling with a complex quilting pattern, on the floor of my sewing room, for an entire afternoon. As I stood up from my task for about the twenty-fifth time, I noticed a slight pain in my knee. After a few days of pain denial, then knee braces, along with several other failed self treatments, I realized that I was the owner of an extremely unstable left knee and that it was time to call “The Orthopedist”, Dr. Boyd Haynes. I knew Dr. Haynes through my Dad, who only a year earlier had been treated by him for a torn knee meniscus. After seeing how caring and successful Dr. Haynes was in treating my father, I knew he was the Doctor to call.

Within one week of my first appointment with Dr. Haynes, I was being driven home from Riverside General’s outpatient surgery suite with a fully-repaired left knee meniscus (like father-like daughter) that has not give me a moment’s trouble or discomfort for going on three years now. If life or events have left you needing an Orthopedist for any reason, Dr. Boyd Haynes should be your first choice.

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