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Cynthia Hayes – Cervical Spine Fusion


Hello!  My name is Cynthia Hayes and my physician’s name is Jeffrey R. Carlson, of the Orthopaedic & Spine Center (OSC).

Here is a little bit of information on how I ended up there:

Back in the winter months of 2015, I developed pain down my right arm, from the shoulder and down to my hand.  The pain was so severe that it caused me to awaken just about every night or should I say, early in the AM.  It seemed no matter how I tried to get rid of it, it just continued to get worse.  Even to the point that I shed tears at times.  So, now I know I really have to do something about this.

Dr. Carlson was my mother’s physician and is how I found him.  I proceeded to become a patient of his.  I can honestly say was very thoughtful and examined my situation to the fullest.  I was supposed to go to another facility first but that failed and now I know I was blessed to be at OSC.  After having a nerve test and an ultrasound, Dr. Carlson discovered I had a bulging disk pressing on my spinal cord.

Well, I ended up having surgery on August 13, 2015.  Today, I can proudly say it was very successful, because I am pain free!!!  Since my surgery, I have had several follow up appointments and I am recovering quite well.  So many, many thanks to Dr. Carlson that I can now lead a normal life again!

Cynthia Hayes


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