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Dan Desmond – Shoulder Surgery

Martin R. Coleman, M.D.Doctor Coleman is an exceptional surgeon who genuinely cares about his patients’ well-being. He not only did an excellent job with my shoulder surgery, but also provided me with precise instructions during recovery.

Doctor Coleman was open to answering all my questions. It’s not always easy for patients to navigate the complexities of medical procedures, and having a surgeon who’s willing to take the time to answer questions and alleviate concerns can make all the difference. His willingness to provide me with personalized care shows that he’s not only a skilled surgeon, but also an empathetic and approachable healthcare professional.

After a short two months, my progress is a testament to Doctor Coleman’s expertise. The fact that I have been able to regain such a large range of pain-free motion, in just two months, is impressive and speaks volumes about his surgical techniques and aftercare guidance.

Doctor Coleman is a highly skilled and compassionate shoulder surgeon. If anyone needs a similar surgical procedure, I would strongly recommend seeking his services.

Dan Desmond

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