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Dana Farmer – Anterior Hip Replacement

My name is Dana Farmer and I had an Anterior Hip Replacement performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes.

I had seen a gradual function decline for approximately two years. I was having difficulty getting in and out of chairs, putting on socks and shoes, lifting my left leg to get in and out of vehicles, and walking. Due to the pain, my walk had become a “waddle” and I needed to use a shopping cart as a walker whenever I went into a store. I blamed the decline on getting older but came to realize my friends in the same age category (62 years) were not having the problems I did. I was diagnosed as needing a left hip replacement and met with Dr. Haynes.

From the moment he walked into the room, I had no question he was the right choice. He takes the time to listen, addresses all questions and concerns, is very thorough, and most of all he cares. I went into the operating room confident I was in good hands and have had no regrets. The surgery went very well. I came home the next day and all I needed for pain medication was OTC Tylenol. I stopped using the walker and cane within two weeks and saw remarkable improvement during the next few months. The pain (and the “waddle”!) is gone and I feel like my new hip has always been a part of me. I no longer have a limited life.

I can only give praises for Dr. Haynes and the staff at OSC. The whole process was a good experience. Additionally, the staffs at Mary Immaculate Hospital, Personal Touch Home Care, and OSC Physical Therapy were excellent participants in the success of my surgery and recovery. All of these professionals are top of the line and I’m grateful they have improved the quality of my life!

Dana Farmer

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