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Daniel W. Forrest – Knee Pain

Last August, my right knee started bothering me while walking and especially while twisting. I even had pain while trying to sleep at night, so I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who happened not to be affiliated with Orthopaedic & Spine Center. On the first visit, I received a cortisone shot that provided about 5 weeks relief. The second visit in October was no different and again I had about 5 weeks relief. The only other treatment offered was a series of three liquid injections that provided no relief and two weeks after I completed the third one, I was scheduled for a double knee replacement two weeks apart. I was never shown any of my X-Rays or offered alternative options. I then knew it was time to see my primary care physician and ask for advice. On this visit, my PCP recommended that I go see Dr. Boyd Haynes.

My first visit with Dr. Haynes brought tears to my eyes. He displayed the X-Rays of my knees on the screen in the examination room and reviewed them with my wife and me. He said that it was a pleasure to be able to give news to me today because he was not always able to do so! He said that he found nothing wrong with my left knee, but that my right knee did have some bone on bone only on the inside. He then explained that there were lots of medicines to try and if these didn’t provide relief, then there were shots and if nothing worked, I might need only partial knee replacement. This is when my eyes filled with tears. He then advised me to take Aleve and Glucosamine/Chondroitin for one month and make a follow up with him.

Today, I saw Dr. Haynes for the monthly follow-up appointment, and I am happy to report that the walk from the car in the parking lot to the waiting room was much less painful than it was a month ago. I also have much less night time pain and most nights none. His plan is working for me for now, and he told me to continue this plan and when or if it stopped working for me to come back to see him again. He then again reviewed many options for me to try to before doing partial knee replacement, and he even said that I may never need surgery.

If you want to get professional medical advice with a doctor you can trust and a doctor who truly cares about you, then make an appointment with Dr. Boyd Haynes at OSC. Who knows… he may just bring tears to your eyes too!

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