David Wade – Hip Replacements

My name is David Wade, age 63. I had a hip replacement in July of 2013. This was my second hip replacement. It was also done by Dr. Haynes.

I went back to Dr. Haynes for 3 reasons. First, I wanted a doctor that stays abreast of new technology and new treatments. The first surgery was through the side of the hip and the second was through the front. The new location is supposed to help with healing. I cannot remember exactly how long it took the first time so I cannot comment on healing time. It was also made from different materials than the first replacement. The scars from both are almost exactly the same length.

Second, I wanted a doctor that has a great personality. Over the last 10 years I have had to deal with dozens and dozens of doctors in the care of three parents and my wife. In all of the situations no matter what you are dealing with it is so much easier to deal with a doctor that can make you feel comfortable and is not totally clinical in treatment and explanations.

Third it is not easy to get poked and prodded and I generally do not complain about much but I want a doctor that I feel comfortable around in case I do have a problem I would not resist telling him about it.

My first replacement was 10 years ago and nothing has changed in my opinion about Dr. Haynes. He is really remarkable in his demeanor and easing my small fears of having an operation. Age has caught up to me, because I cannot remember exactly how long it took for my first hip replacement to heal completely, but this time, with physical therapy, I was walking with very little pain in three weeks and with no cane. After three weeks, once every couple days, I would be walking around and would remember that I had surgery. Not so much pain, but just a twinge. It was probably because I was limping before surgery and now I was walking normally. (as normal as a person my age can expect). About two and a half months after surgery, I was back to being normal with no thought of ever having had a hip replacement.