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Debbie Collier – Physical Therapy

I have gained new respect for the value of Physical Therapy. It has improved my mobility by at least ten fold. It has taken me from a slumped over, partially feeble, crooked old woman (with a crooked old smile and a crooked old cane trying to walk a crooked old mile) to a virtually upright structure with no assistive-walking devices and a lot happier face. My Physical Therapist РTom Toothaker, DPT.

It is not an easy process and requires dedication, but is so worth it if you value your mobility. I absolutely believe if I was directed to this path so many years ago, I would not have become that “crooked old lady”. PT rocks and I hope the medical field and the public will learn to put that foot forward first, instead of almost the last resort.

Debbie Collier

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