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Debbie Vaughan – Hip Replacement (Jiffy or Direct Anterior Approach)


I came to OSC in September of 2012. My appointment was with Dr. Boyd Haynes.

Because I had multiple issues, he took x-rays and we discussed what was going on for me. I had torn meniscus in my left knee, pain in my right hip and in my right shoulder. The hip pain was the most pressing and we discussed having the joint replaced. I already had my left hip replaced and, unfortunately, it had been a very difficult surgery…it left me anxious and a little skeptical of Dr. Haynes’ assurances that it would be so easy. I had dislocated 3 times after the first surgery and the surgery had to be done a 2nd time….it was truly just the nature of the damage in that hip, combined with the older, posterior approach that was required, but it still haunted me, kept me tenuous.

Dr. Haynes was very understanding and just kept assuring, and re-assuring me that this time things would be different…and they were! I was moving from the time I came out of recovery! Dr. Haynes came in and we discussed how the surgery had gone, what I needed to do and what I could expect. I really appreciated him taking the time to answer all of my questions. I am lucky to have an office job and I was back at work in about 2 and a half weeks…physical therapy lasted about 4 weeks. Dr. Haynes and his staff have been very good to me, they are the best and I highly recommend them.

Debbie Vaughan

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