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Debbie Vaughan – Reverse Shoulder Replacement


When I came to Dr. Coleman, I was experiencing severe pain in my right shoulder. It kept me from sleeping at night and also from carrying out many of my normal daily activities. I am right-handed, but the pain in my shoulder was turning me into a “lefty!” Dr. Coleman took x-rays and found that the joint had degenerated such that I was “bone on bone.”

We tried injections but, unfortunately, that only gave me relief for about 2 weeks. Dr. Coleman had spoken with me about the injections and told me that if they worked we could perhaps put the surgery off. He said that many people experienced long-term relief from them and that we could use them as long as they worked. He also warned that, very often each shot only lasted about half as long as the one before.

When the shot did not really work, we decided that it was time to consider joint replacement. Mine was a reverse replacement because of the condition of my shoulder. I remember the last thing Dr. Coleman said to me before my surgery…”USE THAT ARM!” And so I did. I was back at work in a little over a week, physical therapy was about 3 weeks. I have full range of motion and now, no pain. I am grateful for Dr. Coleman and his staff. They took very good care of me.



Debbie Vaughan

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