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Debora Adams – Total Knee Replacement

IMG_5708Hello! My name is Debbie Adams. I had been living with osteoarthritis in my knees for over 14 years. I was terrified of a knee replacement and tried many options to avoid having that dreaded surgery. The constant pain and inability to bend or squat made my job as a special needs educator increasingly difficult. When my original orthopedist decided to leave the area, I called for a consultation at OSC.

Upon meeting Dr. Haynes for the first time, he was warm and friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about my condition. He explained the MRI and x-rays of my knee and discussed options. He explained that since I had already undergone arthroscopic surgery as well as countless injections with little relief, it was time to seriously discuss knee replacement. Sensing my hesitation, he thoroughly explained the entire surgical procedure in terms and drawings I could understand and answered all of my questions regarding recovery and prognosis. Before I left the office that day, Dr. Haynes made sure I felt comfortable with my decision, and then surgery was scheduled.

Surgery was a breeze! When I awakened in recovery, Dr. Haynes’ smiling face was the first one I saw. The surgery was very successful and after an overnight stay in the hospital, I went home. I was amazed that my pain was so minimal and was actually able to discontinue pain meds after 5 days. Physical therapy began almost immediately and lasted approximately 7 weeks. PT was hard work and there were days I didn’t want to go because I knew it was going to be uncomfortable. Dr. Haynes had told me it would be hard, but well worth it for the results it would bring…so I persevered. And I am so glad that I did! I exceeded all of my expectations and returned to work with full range of motion.

Today was my one year check-up and my left knee and I passed with flying colors. Dr. Haynes said I could be the poster child for knee replacement and he thought we made a great team!

I am so grateful to Dr. Haynes and the entire OSC team for encouraging me and helping me through this entire journey. I would highly recommend OSC and Dr. Haynes and his team, specifically, for your orthopedic needs. They are awesome!!

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