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Deborah Gaeto – Hip Replacement

I was in a car accident that left me with non-stop pain in my back, hip, leg, groin ….my active, quality life was gone.  I have too many stomach & esophagus problems that I’m not able to take pain or anti-inflammatory drugs…the pain got so bad, I was not able to sleep. I was very sad and miserable. I was not able to walk far without having to stop and rest all the time.

Dr. Boyd Haynes tried every possible treatment to help me. When he told me I was at the point of needing a total hip replacement, I thought “I’m too young for a hip replacement. That\’s for real old people.  I’m 57 years young, there must be some other way to stop this pain.”  But I scheduled the surgery anyway, then I went home to research alternative methods.  But, it just was not for me. I was in way too much pain, so I set my mind on getting a new hip.

I cried off and on the week before surgery, not sure I was doing the right thing. Well, the day of surgery, I felt very confident I was going to have a very successful outcome. Dr. Haynes words stuck in my head…he told me the key to recovery is to get moving right away, starting the day of surgery…….He was right. It felt good to move. I was able to walk up and down the hall, with a walker.

I was very happy I had the surgery, it takes some time to fully recover and I\’m still on that road, but with a lot less pain. But ya\’ gotta keep moving, the worst was not being able to pull my leg in bed, but you have to keep trying, it gets easier each week.

If you are not enjoying a good quality of life due to pain, please take care of yourself, the total hip replacement could be your answer to getting your life back too.

I can never thank Dr. Haynes enough for his expertise and caring about getting me out of pain. I know he can do the same for you too.

Deborah Gaeto

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