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Douglas Dail – Spine Surgery

IMG_6551bOn Jan. 11th, 2016, I received nothing short of a “MIRACLE” surgery by the truly talented, skilled and “BLESSED” mind and hands of Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson… the Orthopaedic & Spine Center staff and Dr. Carlson’s entire team! I had no idea that this major lower back surgery would change my life so much! I “TRULY” wish I could have met this Dr. decades ago! After almost 25 years of only being able to walk from room to room with a cane, or out to the car and having to spend the largest part of my life and time in bed due to my daily life of only “PAIN” when I sit, stood or even tried to walk. My life had gotten to not being much of a way to live! “ONLY” those whom have been going through this living “HECK (read between the lines)” can ever understand the pain!

I was given a second lease in my daily life of being able to actually walk without a cane and after a few months of Physical Therapy I started to regain the ability to work around the yard and even had the joy of being able to wash my car by hand…I thought my days of ever doing that again were long past. Now I am staying up a lot longer and having a real QUALITY of life by being able to do things and participate with my grand kids and family. I can drive myself, it is wonderful to be able to go by myself and know I don’t have to have someone else drive me where I need(ed) to go. Things we all take for granted until we can’t do them.

I “KNOW” Dr. Carlson went to bat for me several times dealing with the insurance company. Making sure had everything I needed for a safe and positive recovery. From the very day I was released to go home, he had everything in place from my in house home care, such as the walker, the bathroom needs (and you do need a few adjustments) My home care specialist and follow-ups were wonderful. I can’t praise each and everyone involved enough. Dr. Carlson and his entire staff are in each and every prayer I say many times a day!


Douglas Dail

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