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Elizabeth Pendleton – Rotator Cuff Surgery

I have nothing but good to say about OSC, I see 3 doctors there and they all are amazing! However, today I am going to tell you about my rotator cuff surgery and Dr. Martin Coleman.

I went for an exam in early February. I was in a lot of pain. He took one look at me and scheduled my surgery for February 17. I went to surgery, dreading the next few months of recovery, as I had heard horror stories from a few people and I was nervous. Apparently, I had completely blown my shoulder out, which made me more apprehensive, but I had to get it fixed.

The surgery went off without a hitch! I had a nerve block that kept my arm feeling like something that belonged to someone else, but it only lasted 1 1/2- 2 days. The first few days, I took pain medicine and slept in a recliner, as I was kinda out of it. I went for a check up after a week. Doing okay.  Dr. Coleman and I had a talk, he said “do exactly what I tell you and it will get well in 3 months”.  I said “yes, that’s my job and I will follow your instructions to the letter”.

It seems from our conversation that many say that, but few follow through with it.  I did…he said arm lifts twice a day for 10 minutes and I set a timer to make sure I did enough. After the first month, I went to my appointment and he said “Great, you get an A+. Keep it up and come back in a month!!” I was very happy!  Oh yeah, I could lift a coffee cup and I could drive, but I didn’t feel ready, so only drove a couple of times. Now, I only had to wear the sling when I went out, but at home, I was free!

The next month went by and there I was, back to see Dr. Coleman.  I got an A++, but I had more freedom, and no sling! Also, I could lift things that weren’t crazy heavy. Basically, I’m back to about normal and I’m excited.

The next month, May 24th, I go back for my last visit and release. He did the measurements and I passed with flying colors. Yes, I’m back to normal and since I did exactly what Dr. Coleman told me to do, I am free. I did it all without going to Physical Therapy; all I did was follow directions and not cheat. I’m not saying it was fun, but it’s over in 3 months and I’m ready to go again.

Dr. Coleman, you’re the BEST! Thank you so much for making my experience a good one!

Elizabeth Pendleton

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