Elizabeth S. Ambrose – Spinal Fusion & Rotator Cuff Surgeries, Epidural Spine Injections

My name is Elizabeth S. Ambrose. I am 77 years old. I resided in Yorktown, VA until March, 2014, and now live in Simpsonville, SC. My physicians at Orthopaedic & Spine Center are Drs. Haynes, Sureja, and McFarland.

Dr. Haynes treated me for rotator cuff surgery, which was very successful. Dr. Haynes referred me to Dr. Sureja who treated me with injections for 5 years. Dr. Sureja performed these injections with skill, care, and compassion. When he decided that he had gone as far as he could, he recommended Dr. McFarland, who fused my neck vertebrae. This operation was successful, but injections are still needed at least once a year. Dr. Sureja has continued to give me injections as needed with excellent results.

All three of these physicians receive my highest recommendations.

Very Truly Yours,
Elizabeth S. Ambrose