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Emma Riddick – Lumbar Spine Fusion

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in scrubsWhen you hear about back problems and having to have Lumbar Fusion surgery, of course, fear takes over and many questions arise. My family doctor referred me to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to take care of my problem. My first meeting with Dr. Carlson was very reassuring. I felt at ease. It was as if God had given His approval and I have truly been blessed by Dr. Carlson and his staff. They were always on top of any problem that arose. I believe that the Lord has ordered Dr. Carlson’s life to be His instrument in taking care of His children.

Thank you, Dr. Carlson, for all you have done and all you will be doing in the future, blessing God’s people with your expertise, caring and love. I am feeling and doing great. God Bless You.

Emma Riddick

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