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Erven S. Tyler – Spine Surgery

I had been experiencing sciatic nerve pain in my left leg for over 4 months. I had tried all types of treatment to diminish or eliminate the pain, to include a chiropractor, physical therapy and finally, an neurosurgeon at another facility other than OSC. To my great disappointment, the neurosurgeon briefly looked at my MRI, made a few cursory remarks and said “try oral steroids and if that doesn’t work, get a steroid injection”. I did as instructed but without success. I had no follow-up from the neurosurgeon’s office. I found myself with undiminished pain and no plan to solve my pain problem.

At this point my daughter, who had a back procedure several years ago, suggested I see the doctor who has done her procedure. She highly recommended him. This was how I became acquainted with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. I personally met Dr. Carlson and his PA on Friday, 20 December 2013.

It was a pleasant surprise for me. Using my MRI, Dr. Carlson explained in detail what was causing my pain, clearly and patiently answered my questions and explained that nothing short of an operation would solve my pain problem. I fully understood this now, having seen my MRI.

Because of a previously scheduled procedure cancellation, I was able to have my operation three days later on 23 December. The OSC staff very efficiently scheduled the pre-operation tests needed to get me ready for my Monday operation in what must have been record time!

All went very well and my recovery and follow-up meetings with Dr. Carlson assured me I was healing properly.

I don’t remember the name of Dr. Carlson’s PA, but she was equally efficient and helpful and deserves recognition. (Tonia Yocum, PA)

Finally, I would recommend OSC and Dr. Carlson in particular, to anyone having issues similar to what I had experienced.

For me, it was my Christmas present!!

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