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Eugene Gale – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

Image of Dr. Jeffrey CarlsonMy husband , who is 81 years old, had been suffering for over 40 years with lower back pain. He has been on some type of pain medication ever since. He had been receiving injections for pain management over the past 10 years. It reached the point where the injections were no longer effective in controlling the pain. He finally reached the point where he could no longer endure the pain and we made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Dr. Carlson said he could fix the problem and we set up a date for surgery. The surgery involved the fusion of L2-L5 with rods to stabilize the procedure.

The surgery was a success. However, we had a difficult time getting his pain under control post-op. What works great for some people does not work for others. Once we got the pain under control, my husband made great progress in his recovery. He is now off of pain medication and rarely takes anything for discomfort.

We have joined a fitness club to continue his recovery process. He never thought he could feel this good again. Age has no bearing on the success of his surgery.

Dr. Carlson is a very gifted surgeon who can help patients become pain free after years of agony.

Charlene Gale

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