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Francis Glynn – Physical Therapy for Spine Arthritis

Jamie SwaleWant to give a shout out for OSC PT –  Dr. Jamie Swale and especially her technician, Maria. I have a lot of arthritis in my lower spine (it’s rampant in my family of 8 siblings). Recently, it flared up considerably. OSC-Ortho Dr. Carlson referred me for PT. Dr. Swale interviewed me and has supervised my progress over the last 6 weeks. I have a couple more weeks to go.

All the techs have helped me well, but Maria deserves top kudos for her thoroughness and rigid execution of all exercises. She stands by; and if you are doing something incompletely, she immediately jumps in to correct your movements so that you get the most advantage of your time and efforts. Early on, tech Heather worked with me, too. She was excellent in recognizing and correcting alignment irregularities in my spine.

In all, my progress is noticeable; and all their work is bearing fruit. Thanks to all.

Francis Glynn

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