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Glenda MacDonald – Knee Replacement

About one year ago, Dr. Carlson made my life better. Dr. Carlson is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon. He is the best there is. He is a God-send with skilled hands. Yes, his main specialty is spinal surgery, but he does knees also! He gave me a beautiful new knee. Dr. Carlson has wisdom, expertise, and is a surgeon with a sense of humor. Even though I am an old lady, I told him that I didn’t want the “old lady” knee replacement, I wanted the “NFL quarterback knee”. I asked if he could give me that, and he said “absolutely.”

Not only is Dr. Carlson a gifted and renowned surgeon, he is a great human being , and a true gentleman. When I was brought to my room after surgery, waiting for me in the room, were flowers from Dr. Carlson and his staff! That really brightened my day. What a thoughtful thing to do. He is kind and patient, and so is Kaye. She helped guide me through the things that would happen. Thank you Kaye for your kindness and patience.

Thank you, Dr. Carlson, for all your years of study. We are beyond blessed to have you in Hampton Roads. OSC is a fabulous facility, and the physical therapy is also unmatched. A patient’s testimonial is a recognition of a physician’s professional expertise and a recommendation of their ability to listen, care, heal. I can vouch for the fact that your abilities are unmatched. Thank you, Dr. Carlson. May God bless you. I am so thankful that God sent me to OSC, and Dr. Carlson.

Glenda MacDonald

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