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Gwen Allen, Spine Surgery

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Dear Dr. Carlson,

Thank you so much for the lovely plant.  Even more so, thank you for fixing my back so I want to get up and live again.

On June 26, 2015, I visited a chiropractor.  The next morning, I was unable to get out of bed by myself.  It continued to get worse.  I came to you because I was told you were great with backs.

After several shots, I elected to go with the surgery.  I was operated on 9-8-2015.  By the middle of September, I decided you must have angel wings on your back.  No more wheel chairs, no more walker and mostly no cane.

I am a very grateful 78 year-old grandma.  My family is equally thankful.

The plant is thriving and so am I!


Gwen D. Allen, Newport News, VA

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