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Hugh Asbury – Total Knee Replacement

IMG_1869I am an active, 74 year-old man. Over the past ten years, arthritis had gradually damaged my right knee until I could no longer continue the physical activity necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walking any distance was painful and as I favored my right knee, I began to have pain in my hip and left knee.

I went to see Dr. Haynes at OSC (Orthopaedic and Spine Center) in February 2016. X-rays revealed bone-on-bone arthritis and after cortisone brought no improvement in March 2016, a total knee replacement surgery was scheduled for April 2016. My knee would never get better without surgery. With surgery, not only would it get better, but I could get back to my normal level of activity.

In less than 6 weeks after surgery, I was back to driving and was able to perform many of my outside chores. After two months, I’m walking two miles twice a week and no longer take any arthritis medicine.

I’m so pleased with the results I’ve experienced. A quick recovery takes hard work. You must do the exercises given before the surgery and be diligent in following the direction of the physical therapist after surgery. It takes work to build up the strength that is lost in surgery. I thank God for the great care from my wife, Dr. Haynes and the staff at OSC. Today, I’m healed.

Hugh Asbury

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