Jackie Keller – Knee Replacements

My name is Jackie Keller and I am 67 years old. For many years I have needed knee replacements especially my left knee. I have put it off so long because I was afraid to have it done. I have suffered so much and have had to decrease my activities to where my children have had to do my grocery shopping for me. I have not been able to clean my house like I used to and I haven’t been able to go to my grandchildren’s sporting or school events. Every holiday I used to have all of my family over for a home cooked meal and have even had to curtail that because of the pain I was in.

In October, 2009 I hurt my right knee and was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at the Orthopedic and Spine Center (OSC). The moment I walked into the OSC facility, I felt very at ease. The office staff is so friendly and extremely professional. When I met Dr. Carlson on my first visit I was so impressed with his compassion and concern. He explained everything to me and told me that both of my knees were really bad and it was actually bone on bone. I told him I was afraid to have the surgery and he advised me to try having knee injections to see if they helped. His Physician’s Assistant (Tonya) was very caring and extremely gentle when giving me my knee injections. When the injections didn’t help and I was in so much pain with my right knee I knew that I had to do something. I met with Dr. Carlson again and he made me feel so at ease after addressing all of my questions and concerns that I scheduled my surgery for February 3, 2010. I was then referred to his Surgical Coordinator, Kay Dame, and she too amazed me with her caring and concern.

I was really dreading waking up from the surgery because I had heard so many horror stories. When I woke up I was thrilled that the terrible pain I was experiencing with my right knee was gone. I got up right away with the help of the Physical Therapist and walked to the bathroom. It was sore but the relief! felt from being free from that terrible pain kept me motivated. Later I walked down the hall and past the nurse’s station. The therapist told me that I had already passed the goal of walking they had for me. I was so thrilled with how well I was doing. I did so well with my right knee that when I saw Dr. Carlson again I scheduled surgery on my left knee for April 12, 2010. I also did great with that surgery and my therapy. After both surgeries I was on my feet cooking and doing laundry a few days after I got home. I was driving three weeks after my first surgery and two weeks after my second.

I know that the successful outcome of my surgery has been due to Dr. Carlson’s surgical expertise. It has now been four months since my first knee replacement and almost two months after my second replacement. I finally have my life back after so many years of pain. Three weeks ago I was able to go to my grandson’s guitar recital at his high school. I can now go grocery shopping by myself and don’t need to ask for help. I am even walking my dog now which is also something that I have not been able to do. In another week I will go to my granddaughter’s graduation from high school. My daughter said that if needed a handicapped parking place or handicapped seating to let her know because they were very limited. I laughed and said I don’t need that because thanks to Dr. Carlson I have bionic knees now and can walk for the first time in years.

If any of you reading this are having problems with your knees and are like I was and afraid of having the surgery, please don’t put it off. As long as you do what Dr. Carlson tells you and what the therapists tell you, you should be able to have as successful an outcome as I have had. Please don’t spend another day suffering and do make every effort to get yourself back on your feet. It takes a lot of hard work but if I can do it so can all of you.

I owe Dr. Carlson, and all of the OSC staff and all of those who have helped me through both of my surgeries gratitude for helping me get my life back.