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James Akridge – Total Knee Replacement

As an attorney defending medical malpractice claims, I choose my surgeons carefully. I was 63 when Dr. Boyd Haynes did a total knee replacement, in Feb 2016. Several of my friends have had single or bilateral knee replacements by other providers. So I have context when it comes to assessing the relative outcome of my total knee replacement.

One of my attorney associates is married to an ortho scrub tech at Mary Immaculate Hospital who works with many orthopedic surgeons. She could give no higher recommendation than Dr. Haynes. With her insights, and having seen several other orthopedic surgeons myself and inquired about many others, I felt confident in choosing Dr. Haynes.

He warned me that my result would depend largely on my post-op physical therapy efforts. There is no denying how important that is, but my range of motion during surgery was reported as outstanding. I had asked Dr. Haynes the brand of prosthetic appliance he would install. He explained that he chose the one offering the widest fitting options, maximizing his ability to tailor the fit to my anatomy. The result is simply beautiful.

I found the benefits of yoga several years ago. I am the last person to be considered an athlete, but I manage to hit a 3-wood far enough to generate envy among my retiree golfers. One of my golfing buddies is a retired college athletic coach. Coach hit with my club, and that was not my secret. I suggested it was my flexibility due to yoga. He attended a class with me, but his bilateral knee replacements (not done by Dr. Haynes) made it too difficult for him to be getting up and down from all fours, etc. I could almost straighten my leg immediately after surgery, something that makes Dr. Boyd smile and that my knee replacement buddies say is remarkable. I followed the guidance of PT and kept up my HEP. As a yogi, I can now do Child’s pose (deep kneeling) easily! About the only thing I cannot do as before is sitting cross-legged.

Before the surgery, another orthopedic surgeon had warned me that my knee, ruined in an auto accident, with surgery 40 years prior, would be a special challenge. The chief concern of Dr. Haynes was a staple securing that old muscle transfer. He was able to work around it, and the results are fantastic! I no longer chronically take a prescription NSAID (for the pain in my overloaded “good” leg), and even quit my high blood pressure meds immediately after the surgery. I just got the best rate offered for some life insurance I am adding, which tells you that the underwriters saw no issues. I agree with that referring scrub tech that no one could have done better than Dr. Haynes. Clearly, he is the Best!! Thank you for giving my life new legs!

James Akridge

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