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James Pressick – Spine Surgery

For several years I had been putting up with pretty severe back, pain but was reluctant to have back surgery, considering all the horror stories that had been told. These included people who had back surgery who ended up worse off and some had trouble getting around. After my pain got to the unbearable point which affected my daily life, including stopping playing handball, I decided to see  Dr. Carlson of the Orthopaedic and Spine Center. He discussed all the options, which included surgery, but more importantly, set my fears at rest by explaining the advances in technology and procedures which improves the odds considerably for a full recovery. My surgery was on January 20, 2010. During my five week check-up, I asked Dr. Carlson if there were any restrictions on me, specifically could I play handball. He said no restrictions, so that afternoon I was back on the court. I play handball up to five days a week. My surgery was one year ago, when I was 72 years old. Dr. Carlson gave me my life back so I can enjoy my freedom from pain. Thank you Dr. Carlson!

James Pressick, Poquoson

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