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Jan Keenan – Knee Replacement

My name is Jan Keenan and I had a complete left knee replacement by Dr. Boyd Haynes. I had the surgery, because 8 years ago, I had a laparoscopic surgery on my knee for bone chips and a torn meniscus, which took away the backward motion in my knee, which you use when you walk. I was limping, unable to walk for very long, and getting severe back pains. I was determined to get that motion back after I had the surgery and be able to walk correctly again. After the surgery, I had more problems because a muscle on the side of my knee had shrunk and was causing me pain. I still was not able to walk right. The physical therapists made me work hard and gave me lots of exercises to do. When they released me, I still had pain but I kept doing the exercises and finally stretched that muscle and got the back of the knee to touch the table (or floor) which restored that backward knee motion. To this day, I still do some of the exercises because I don’t want to lose that motion again.

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