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Janet Bleakley – Life-Saving Alternative Diagnosis

Dear Dr. Haynes,

I want to thank you for all you did for me over the past few months. The therapy helped some, but the pain was still there. You ordered the MRI and that led to a CT scan which led to you recommending I see Dr. Rento. I met Dr. Rento on January 3 and he told me the large mass was 99% chance to be cancerous. Even if not, the kidney had to go. On January 22, the mass and kidney were removed. I came home on Friday, and on Monday, January 24, Dr. Rento called and said the mass wasn’t cancerous. I think back to you, and if you hadn’t scheduled the MRI I may still be walking around with a very large mass on my kidney. Since the surgery, the pain in the hip has gone and when I get up after sitting for a while my left leg isn’t stiff nor hurts. I hope that continues even though I know arthritis is pretty bad in the left knee. Again, I thank you for what you did!

Janet Bleakley

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