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Janice Day – Partial Knee Replacement

IMG_9053aA year ago, I came to Dr. Haynes about the pain in my knee. I was very confident in him giving me the best advice, since he helped years earlier with my left knee with injections. I was ready for surgery at that time. Dr. Haynes suggested we try medicine first to help with the arthritis. I tried 2 different medicines with a little relief. I came back a couple of months later,but didn’t have complete relief. Dr. Haynes suggested a cortisone shot. I felt great for about a month and I was back again in 3 months for another shot. The last time I got a shot he asked me about surgery, but could give me another shot. I got the shot, but it only lasted a few weeks. I then came back to just talk about surgery. I am a school teacher and didn’t want to miss to much time. I asked if I would get a partial knee replacement or full knee replacement. Dr. Haynes asked about my pain and looking at the x-ray decided I only needed a partial knee replacement.

I can’t believe how great the whole procedure went. I went home right after the surgery and after 2 weeks, I was able to walk with only a cane. Most of the time, I wasn’t even using the cane. I walk with no pain and I am so impressed with Dr. Haynes and his staff. Everyone was there for me and any concerns I would have. Thank you, Dr. Haynes, for helping walk without pain now.

Janice Day

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