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Jay (James) Titlow – Lumbar Fusion Surgeries

Hi, my name is Jay (James) Titlow, and I am a patient of Doctor Jeffrey Carlson. I also have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, for almost 20 years. The BEST “fix” to minimize the adverse effects of Parkinson’s to date, is to exercise. Unfortunately the torque and stiffness I often experience in my lower back, is the price I pay to keep my daily gym ritual intact.

I have had 2 lumbar fusions with Dr. Carlson. Within a few months of my 1st surgery, the back pain returned… disappointing. Since I knew my situation was unique, I knew that after follow-up appointments with Dr. Carlson, a 2nd fusion would be needed to extend the area of the lower back being fused.

After the most recent round of surgery, I am happy to report my pain is almost completely gone. Dr. Carlson was honest and steadfast in his assessment and diagnosis, and genuinely seemed committed that if I took this route, it would bring favorable results. To date, favorable results indeed!

Jay (James) Titlow

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