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Jean Phillips – Hip Replacement

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesKnowing a total hip replacement was in my future, I attended Dr. Boyd Haynes presentation on the subject. He explained what the procedure involved and answered all questions. He and his staff prepared me as well as humanly possible.

Honestly, I underestimated the pain of recovery in the first week. However, the home health nurse and physical therapist, automatically scheduled for me, were excellent. In just a few days, I was able to manage the pain with only Tylenol. I could feel my hip and leg getting stronger every day.

You will definitely need a walker, but only for the first week or so. Two weeks after the surgery, I am exclusively using a cane.

I am confident in a full recovery and can’t wait to get out and play with my granddaughter, walk the dogs and all the things I have missed this past year.

Thank you, OSC!

Jean Phillips

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