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Jeannie Mann-Astleford – Hip Replacement

I first went to Dr. Haynes with a hurting hip. He examined me and found that the hip was deteriorating from arthritis. We decided to hold off on the operation.

While on vacation, I tripped and fell. Upon my return, I went to a hip replacement seminar given by Dr. Haynes to learn more about hip replacement. The seminar was very enlightening. Dr. Haynes was very through in his lecture. I made an appointment with him and he explained the procedure in a very understandable way. Dr. Haynes is a very through, understanding, compassionate doctor.

The operation and replacement went as planned and all is okay with my hip. Thank you, Dr. Haynes. I would recommend Dr. Haynes to anyone I know that would need a hip replacement.

Jeannie Mann-Astleford

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