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Jeffery Stone – Spine Surgery

I had been suffering badly for months! The pain in my left buttock, left hamstring, behind my left knee and in my left heel/arch were close to debilitating and nearly constant. There were a few moments when the pain was so intense and/or the odd tingling in my left leg were so bad that I came near to a feeling of helpless panic. If it weren’t for my faith, I would have easily hit a deep, deep despair. Life was pretty bad because of my sciatic nerve pain.

Luckily, DR Carlson was my doctor/surgeon. He tried quite a few different treatments for a few months, after determining I had two discs pinching my sciatic nerve in my lower back. With no relief, surgery was offered and accepted to help me. I was a little nervous, but hopeful for this to be the effective solution to this painful and demoralizing injury! I had been in agony for seven months.

During the drive home from the surgery, I noticed that the pains in my buttock, behind my knee and in my foot were gone or nearly so! There was still a slight twinge in my hamstring. I was so happy! I noticed that as the swelling at the surgery site on my back subsided, that the lingering pains in my left side decreased. Every week/month after the surgery, I have definitely felt an improvement. I also don\’t have the chronic back pain anymore that I used to. Thank you DR. Carlson and OSC!

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