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Jennifer Heath – Lumbar Fusion Surgery to Treat Spondylolisthesis

As a young girl, my passion was horseback riding. I trained as a hunter/jumper, it also lead to a bit of falling as well. I was also rather clumsy and fell down a staircase or two. During this time, I believe I injured my back. I became a hairstylist in my early 20’s where I continued to have back issues. Two children later and continued work, standing on my feet, I couldn’t put off the dealing with the pain any longer.

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson was actually my second opinion, he was such a blessing!! I was eventually diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis. His approach to my particular issue was amazing and truly appreciated. Originally, I had been told that my surgery was going to take 5 or so hours, with at a minimum, 2 to 3 days in the hospital.  Dr. Carlson said, ”I just don’t know what they are doing in people’s backs for that long”. My surgery took less than 3 hours and I got to go home the same day.

Now, my recovery was set back slightly, because of my intolerance to that level of medication, but all in all, I believe I was able to bounce back pretty well. My surgery date was October 28, 2015. I returned to part-part time hours and very light duty by December 5th 2015 (one perm or color and 1 or 2 haircuts). I do have some numbness in my feet, but that is to be expected. I let this problem go on too long and those physicians that I had gone to for help never took me very seriously, I suppose. I didn’t look like I was in that severe pain and I didn’t take a lot of pain pills, because they make me sick.

Dr. Carlson was wonderful from start to finish, not only with me as the patient, but to my family as they would be taking care of me. November 5th of this year 2016, just one year and one week from my surgery date, my daughter and I went to Carter’s Mountain to pick apples and then to the beautiful Monticello to sight-see around the historic grounds. We walked over 6,500 steps and that was recorded after the climb at Carter’s Mt, that was only at Monticello.

Praise the Lord, I have my life back!! I can’t express my gratitude enough!

Jennifer Heath

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